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Spring College International:
Spring College International (SCI) is a leading language learning and exam preparatory course provider in Singapore with two school locations. Spring College International (Jurong East) is located near Jurong East MRT station, while Spring College International (Bishan) is located close to Bishan MRT station. Both schools are within a 5-minute walk from the MRT. At SCI, we provide a wide range of English language courses for adults, college students, children, tourists, and golf enthusiasts.

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Quality Recognition:

Photo of English Language Courses in SingaporeSpring College International is registered with Council for Private Education (CPE Registration No: 201001911N, duration: 23/7/2012 to 22/7/2016), and has been awarded Edutrust Provisional Certificate (Cert No: EDU-3-3075, validity: 10/01/2013 – 09/01/2014).

Nature of Our Business and Services:
Our core business is the providing of a quality learning environment in various languages. Our dedicated Principal oversees Spring College International’s development directions and different departments (Marketing, Finance, Academic and Administration), and is constantly researching the development of new programmes.

We also provide convenience services such as Student Pass application, accommodation and assistance to international students, as well as applications to local or overseas institutions.

We believe in building a strong relationship with each of our students. Our teachers and lecturers are selected based on their language proficiency, experience; and the dedication shown to be accepted as a teaching staff.

Full-time ESL English Courses:
• English Certificate courses
• Preparatory courses for TOEFL, IELTS, SAT tests
• Preparatory course for Admission to Government primary schools and secondary schools
• Preparatory courses for GCE O & A Level examination
• English Enrichment / Tuition for children (K1 to Secondary 4 levels)
• Specialist courses - Holiday English course, English Study Trip to Singapore, English + Golf Study Trip
• Summer English camp for groups

Part-time English Language Courses:

• General English
• Conversational English (6 levels, Beginner to Advanced)
• Business English (6 levels, Beginner to Advanced)
• One to One (Private) English lessons
• Private TOEFL / IELTS exam preparation
• Online English classes

Further Second Language Programs:

Image of English Language Courses in Singapore• Full-time Chinese certificate courses
• Full-time preparatory course for HSK
• Part-time Mandarin enrichment courses
• Part-time foreign language courses to learn Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesian, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian..

SCI's Vision / Mission / Values & Culture:

• Our Vision:    
To become an internationally distinguished education provider.

• Our Mission:
To provide high quality courses, teachers, service and learning environment .

• Our Values:
- S-Specialist in education
- P-Professional in providing first rate service and quality courses
- R-Reliable in being truthful and maintains integrity when in dealings with students
- I-Inspires creativity in achieving academic excellence
- N-Noting of student’s progress in the course of study
- G-Global education for all nationalities

 Our Culture:  
Creativity and achievement, Excellence, Grow together.

Student Testimonials:

Photos of Spring College International"After obtaining my Degree, I wanted to take my studies a step further and pursue my Masters Degree. Knowing of Singapore’s high educational standard, it was my dream to do my Masters in a Singapore university. However, I knew that with my English standard then, I could never enter a Singapore university.

Thus, I decided to take up an English course at Spring Language, improve my English, before doing my Masters. I am so thankful to Spring for strengthening my English foundation and improving my English standard. It was because of them that I could enter NTU to do my Masters!"

- Student from China, 23, who took English Language Graded Certification Course and was accepted into Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to pursue her Masters.

"As I was educated in Chinese, my English standard was never high. I could not speak with much confidence as I knew that my English pronunciation sounded funny. Due to the needs at work, my management encouraged me to take a Business English Course at SCI.

Through the course, I learnt business correspondence, how to write business reports and memos, and accurate pronunciation. The interactive lessons also built my confidence in English speaking. Now, I can communicate well at work and am definitely performing better at work!"

- Student from Singapore, 42, who took Business English Course and is now able to communicate with senior management and business partners in fluent English, in a professional manner. 

"I have only come to Singapore to study for a mere 7 months. As the only son, I did not have any interest in studying and failed to go to university. My parents then decided to send me to SCI to learn English. I was immediately influenced by the keen learning attitude of the students in SCI.

The teachers also inculcated moral values to us, making us feel the passion for learning. They also have great passion for teaching and their ultimate goal is to help each and every one of the students in their studies."

- Student from China, 18, who took IELTS Preparatory Course, scored 6.2 marks and was accepted into Singapore Polytechnic easily.
"I learnt a lot during my few months here at Spring College International and I am also happy to know teacher Puvana. She is a responsible teacher and I am very happy to attend her class.

She treats her students like her friends and we do not have any barrier in our communication. When I heard that she stays back every night at the school to prepare for tomorrow's lesson, I am very touched. She is a good teacher and my best friend. I really thank her for her help to me during this period!"

- Student from China, 16 - Enrolled in the Preparatory Course for Seconday School for 7 months, then passed and admitted to Deyi Secondary School.

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