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EduKick Manchester – Football & Education Courses:
EduKick Manchester - Football & Education Courses invites English and non-English speaking soccer players from around the world to join our unique soccer boarding school in Manchester in North West England. We welcome boys and girls ages 13+ to join our academic year-long and half-academic year soccer boarding programs, as well as monthly and weekly soccer camps. Our long-term programs combine academic studies with daily football training from professional coaches.

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EduKick Manchester – Football & Education Courses:
Photo of Soccer Boarding School in Manchester, UKEduKick Soccer Boarding School Program equip young student-players for life’s challenges in a way no other experience can.

Not only will they be prepared for a competitive international soccer environment, they will learn a deep appreciation for a new language and culture as well.

EduKick students are accommodated with local host families in Manchester. All EduKick host families are carefully selected and experienced with long-term international student care.

By participating in an EduKick Soccer Boarding School Program, a player distinguishes himself from his peers as a soccer player by committing to a soccer development training course abroad.

Players learn that the world is much bigger than their neighborhood and they begin to consider their potential within this "bigger" world.

Academic Year-long Football Studies Program: 
Incorporates full-time academic studies and daily high level technical football training over a nine (9) month period. 

Short-term Soccer Boarding Programs:
* 1/2 Academic Year Football Program
* Monthly Football Camp
* Weekly Football Camp
* English as a Second Language (ESL) included in all programs

Academics are a major focus of our programs, and comprise a large part of our student’s daily lives. Classes are structured similarly, by subject and hour, with regular evaluations.

Class attendance is mandatory, and parents receive an attendance record and progress report at Christmas break and at the end of the program. In all High School boarding school programs offered by EduKick, the students cannot leave the school building during the day.

Image of Soccer Boarding School in Manchester, UK
Study Options: 
There are study options for English speaking students and for students whose first language is not English. Each morning (Monday-Friday), EduKick student-players will attend classes at our school in the heart of the city. They can choose from:

- K12 - USA (grade 9-12)
-  IGCSE courses
- BTEC Level 3 Sub Diploma in Sport (performance & exercise) 
- English language classes

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program:
This course is suitable for all levels except beginners. Carefully balanced lessons will then prepare students to take one of the following examinations, dependent on initial level and personal objectives. 

The personal course objectives of each student will be carefully defined on arrival and will be dependent on their initial level of English in all four language skills; speaking, listening, reading & writing. The student will then be entered at the local examination centre.

Students will receive regular tutorials in order to ensure that they remain on course for specific examination success.

English Language Exams include:
- Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE)
- Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE)
- Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) 
- Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET)
- Cambridge Key English Test (KET)
- IELTS, an internationally-recognized system for testing English language skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Photos of EduKick Manchester – Football & Education CoursesProfessional Soccer Training (Afternoons):
- Personal Fitness Programme: 
Each student, after initial assessment in week one, will be set a Personal Fitness Programme to develop their aerobic fitness and stamina along with strength and endurance.

Each week, students will receive a personal fitness tutorial, individually shaped to fit personal needs, setting weekly and monthly targets to develop the players’ fitness.

These sessions will be conducted with the course leader. Throughout the week students will have several opportunities to work on their personal fitness plan.

- Weekly Competitive Friendly Matches
These fixtures allow the players the opportunity to put into practice the work they have done in training sessions, and are followed up with squad meetings to review performance and progression.

Students will play against professional and semi-professional club youth academy or development squads, or against local North West College teams whose coaches are also scouts for professional and semi-professional clubs.

- Professional Club Guest Coaching Sessions
EduKick Manchester has affiliations with many professional clubs in the North West of England, including Blackburn Rovers FC, Wigan Athletic FC, Burnley FC and Blackpool FC among others.

Each month the EduKick Manchester squad will receive two guest coaching sessions from professional club coaches. One session will take place at the EduKick Manchester Training complex and the second follow up session will take place at the facilities of the professional club.

- Open Trials
All EduKick Manchester participants are entered into open trial events that take place in the North West during the Winter, Spring and fall (Autumn) seasons.

We have carefully selected and partnered with a well-respected and ethically minded UK national scouting/trials organisation to give our participants the maximum opportunity to expose their talents in front of the invited professional & semi-professional club scouts & coaches.

- Fitness Training / Speed, Agility, Quickness:  
Sessions will include footwork and developing quick feet without the ball, co-ordination and awareness, anaerobic speed burst movements of the game and general aerobic fitness. During these sessions students will be taught the safe practices of training to assist in injury prevention.

- Football Coaching (Technical):  
Each week, the students will be coached not only in the complexities of the game but also the simple elements of the game to ensure individual improvement and performance. Practice makes perfect with every individual player.

- Coaching (Tactical):  
Each week, participants will work on the tactical side of their game together, looking at set plays, shape, movement, defending and attacking as a team and phase of play, using examples from games they have been involved in and the professional game in England.

- Stamina & Endurance Coaching
During these sessions and linking to the personal training plan, the students should develop fitness and strength to allow them to compete and increase their physical presence of the field.

- Individual Tutorials
Each student will meet with a senior EduKick staff member a minimum of twice per term. This procedure will ensure a happy stay and continued improvement in all aspects of the course and provides the perfect opportunity to obtain the specific and individual feedback necessary to ensure the welfare, safety and satisfaction off all EduKick students.

Sport/Football-Specific Add-on Qualifications:

Throughout the duration of the course, the students will have the opportunity to gain extra qualifications in sport and football. Each student will be supported through these qualifications and guided as to the relevant level of qualification correct for them. These qualifications will include:

- FA Refereeing
- FA Level 1 Football Coaching
- First Aid
- Child Protection Certificate

Parent Testimonial:
"As a parent I had no worries while he was living abroad. The staff at Edukick promptly address any questions you may have during your son's stay and they are always supervised on guided cultural excursions.

Through the school year, we received updates on what the boys had been up to and with lots of pictures and videos, which I really enjoyed. We also got reports from his school. Overall, it was a fantastic, unforgettable experience for our son. Thank you!"

- Patti d'Entremont – Mother of Cody, Canada

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