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Delphian School:
Delphian School is a premiere, private, international, non-religious, co-educational day and boarding school in the U.S., welcoming students of all faiths and heritages from around the world. Located in beautiful Oregon in the Pacific Northwest on 800 acres in the scenic Willamette Valley (about 1 hour southwest of Portland OR, and 4 hours drive south of Seattle, Washington), we offer college preparatory education for elementary through high school students. Boarding students are accepted from the age of 10, and day students from the age of 5. There are currently approximately 240 students enrolled and 55 members of our teaching faculty. We also offer summer camp programs, and a reputed English as a Second Language (ESL) program for international students.

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College Prep Boarding Programs for Elementary, Middle & High School Students:

Photo of Private Boarding School in Oregon for Boys & GirlsDelphian School offers a well-rounded academic program with a strong emphasis on practical learning for primary through high school students.

The Delphian curriculum for elementary, middle & high school students covers the full spectrum of core academic subjects: literature, math, science, languages, history, and the arts.

Students also focus on ethics and integrity, leadership, life skills, computer technology, and physical education. And they choose from an expansive selection of elective courses. We also offer English as a Second Language (ESL) programs & summer programs.

Boarding Programs:
Delphian School is both a boarding and a day school; some students board during the week and go home on the weekends (five-day boarders).

Boarding is available to students from the age of 10 through 18. With most students boarding, Delphi is a lively community all day, seven days a week.

Although we have many day students, our boarding students form the core of the Delphian community, gaining independence as they learn cooperation; putting knowledge gained in the classroom to immediate use; and increasing their responsibility for themselves and others.

Elementary School Curriculum:
During their Elementary School years, students develop educational skills and habits that will stay with them for life. It is also during this early period that their educational foundation in reading, writing and mathematics is made firm.

Delphian's Elementary School curriculum focuses on the reading, writing and mathematics basics, while immersing students in the arts, physical and social sciences, foreign language and plenty of practical application to help students relate what they're learning to the real world.

Middle School Curriculum:
Image of Private Boarding School in Oregon for Boys & GirlsStudents generally enter Middle School around the age of eleven and a half and graduate to Upper School by fourteen years of age. The Middle School years form the critical transition period from students competent in the basics of reading, writing and mathematics to students launched into more serious academic study. 

Upper School Curriculum:
In addition to challenging academic studies in literature, mathematics, writing, science, history and government, Upper School students gain practical understanding and experience in subjects of leadership, integrity and logic, as well as management and organizational skills.

Individual Programming:
Our students work one-on-one with a curriculum specialist to develop their own, individual program of study within the core curriculum based on his interests, strengths and weaknesses, as developed in interviews and through diagnostic testing.

As they progress through the Upper School, students begin to focus on their particular areas of interest by selecting an area of specialization such as science and technology, the humanities, business, or fine arts. This is the culmination of the whole program — professional preparation for whatever the next step of the student is to be.

English As a Second Language Program:
Photos of Delphian SchoolDelphian School offers a strong English-as-a-Second-Language program year-round to students from the ages of eight through eighteen.

Our goal is to help ESL students become competitive with American students in their pursuit of an American high school and college or university education.

We do this by providing a well-rounded education in basic English reading, writing, culture and conversation. Students finishing The Delphian School ESL Program would then be placed in the same class as native English-speaking students.

Intermediate level ESL students who qualify can enroll at any time during the regular school year program or during the summer program (based on school availability). Students below intermediate level must first enroll in the school's Summer Program, as beginning ESL is not offered during the regular school year.

Parent Testimonial:Picture of Private Boarding School in Oregon for Boys & Girls
"For me Delphian meant peace of mind. I knew that Delphian was taking care of my son in the best possible way on all levels and from all angles. Using the study method taught at Delphian, my son has been able to gain the academic knowledge that he needs as a basic educational foundation for a successful life."

- Delphian Parent

Student Testimonial:
"Without Delphian, I would have lost my way in life. I know that I would never have been able to be who I am without the help of this school. Thank you, Delphian, for helping me find who I really am and allowing me to shine."
- Nicole, Florida

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