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ID Tech Camps, Minnesota:
iD Tech Camps is a quality provider of unique and exciting technology summer camp programs for kids and teens in over 80 prestigious universities in the USA, including Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. Week-long, tech-related day and overnight summer camps are available for kids ages 7-12 & teens ages 13-17. Students can select from a wide variety of exciting course topics such as Java, Programming, Robotics, Game Design, Coding, and Modding, among others. Many students choose to sign up for multi-week packages (further camps) in order to build on their skills and learn new subjects.

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Week-long Day & Overnight Camps for Children (ages 7-17)
Our summer computer camps are held at an unparalleled lineup of over 80 universities in the USA. We guarantee a maximum of 8 students per instructor for personalized learning, and use the best brand name products from industry leaders.

Camp location - Macalester College, Ramsey County, St. Paul, MN
Photo of Summer Tech / Programming / Game Design Camps, Minnesota- Week-long Day Camps for Kids & Teens: Ages 7-17 (iD Tech Camp)
- Week-long Overnight Camps for Kids & Teens: Ages 10-17 (iD Tech Camp) 

Camps for Ages 7-12:
- FPS Game Design (ages 10-12)
- Adventures in Game Design - Minecraft (ages 7-9)
- 3D Game Design with Minecraft 3D (ages 10-12)
- 3D Game Design - Racing Games (ages 10-12)
- Game Design & Graphic Arts Hybrid (ages 10-12)
- Intro to Programming with Scratch & Java (ages 10-12)
- Role-Playing Game Design with RPG Maker (ages 10-12)
- Game Design for iPhone & iPad (ages 10-12)
- Movie Making Camp with iMovie (ages 10-12)
- Intro to Web Design & Photography (ages 10-12)

Camps for Ages 13-17:
Image of Summer Tech / Programming / Game Design Camps, Minnesota- Programming in Java (ages 13-17)
- Programming in C++ (ages 13-17)
- RPG Game Design with Torchlight ll (ages 13-17)
- Game Modding & Java Coding - Minecraft (ages 13-17)
- Autodesk Maya - 3D Modeling & Animation (ages 13-17)
- 3D Level Design - Portal 2 & Team Fortress 2 (ages 13-17)
- FPS Game Design - Unreal Engine (ages 13-17)
- Film Production with Final Cut Pro (ages 13-17)
- Game Programming for Apple iOS & Android with Unity (ages 13-17)
- Web Design & Digital Photography – Muse, Photoshop & Lightroom (ages 13-17)

Excursions & Activities:
iD Tech Camps maintains a common-sense balance of indoor/outdoor time at each camp. While students spend an average of five hours in the labs each day, you also enjoy time out for outdoor games, movie nights, talent shows, campus exploration, and gaming competitions.

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Address: Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota , USA
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