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YourMandarin Chinese Language School, Chongqing:
Founded in 2010, YourMandarin Chinese Language School is the first QMS (Qualified Mandarin School) in Chongqing in south-western China, approx. 2.5 hours flight from Beijing & Shanghai. We are located in the Sichuan Area, totally bathed in a Traditional Chuan Shu Chinese culture. We now have 3 campuses in Chongqing.

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Mandarin Chinese Language Courses: 
For all levels from beginners to advanced

Comprehensive Group Course / Intensive Chinese Course (30 classes/wk)
If you would like to make the most of your time in China, an intensive Mandarin course is perfect for you!

This program provides 30 language lessons per week which focus on real-life Chinese conversational skills and the reading and writing of Chinese characters. 

Photo of Learning Mandarin in Chongqing, ChinaWith 6 lessons every day from Monday to Friday, you will get the most complete Chinese training to fully prepare you for your academic or professional career and build a strong foundation to master your Chinese skills!

You can choose to study from 1-6 months. Small group classes with an average of 6 students per class sharing your level will give you friendly competition, while allowing you to get full attention from the teachers.

You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Conversational Group Classes (20 classes/wk)
Learn practical conversational skills giving you the confidence to speak Chinese! This program provides 4 interactive group classes every morning that focus on practical Chinese conversational skills.

It is a great opportunity to learn the essentials of Chinese pinyin, listening and speaking skills and you have the rest of the day free to practice what you have learned.

You can choose to study from 1-6 months. You will be placed at your level in a group class with an average of 3 students, ensuring that you get the individual attention you need.

You will benefit from group class interaction, while getting personalized attention from the teacher.

You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Conversational Combined Course (25 classes/wk)
Combine 20 group Mandarin classes with 5 private Mandarin lessons each week! This program provides an excellent opportunity to learn the communication essentials of Chinese pinyin, listening and speaking skills. 

Course duration is between 1-6 months. We guarantee small classes with an average of 3 students at the same level as you.

You will benefit from group class interaction, while getting personalized attention from the teacher. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

The 4 interactive group classes you will participate in every morning focus on practical Chinese conversational skills.

The private 1-on-1 lesson you will have each day serves to bolster your knowledge, focus on any language difficulties you may be experiencing, or simply allow you to learn more about any other areas of interest in your studies.

Conversational 1-on-1 / Private Mandarin Lessons (20 classes/wk)
Image of Learning Mandarin in Chongqing, ChinaThis course is our most flexible option and suited to your individual requirements. Our professional private tutors focus on your actual needs and study interests with highly effective study methods and tailor-made curriculum. 

This program provides 20 Chinese language lessons per week (4 lessons each morning Monday to Friday) but you can arrange a weekly timetable of anything from 10 to 30 lessons at your convenience.

You will learn real-life conversational skills at your own pace. You can choose to study from 1-6 months and you will receive a certificate at the end of your course.

Private tutoring is available for Conversational Mandarin, Business Mandarin and HSK Preparation.

Part Time Chinese Course (Evening & Weekend Classes)
Photos of YourMandarin Chinese Language School, ChongqingDo you have a busy life or hectic work schedule? With flexible intake and start dates, our part-time group classes are designed to fit around your schedule. 

Our weekday evening and weekend classes will get your Chinese up to speed in no time and teach you all the practical and essential skills you will need. You can choose to take classes 2/3 times per week and learn with your friends and colleagues.

Part-time courses are available for Conversational Mandarin, Business Mandarin and HSK Preparation. You will receive a certificate upon completion. 

Long-term Group Chinese Program (6-12 months)
Study for between 6 months and 12 months with our long-term Chinese programs for small groups! These classes will allow you to improve your Chinese comprehensively through reading, writing, listening, & speaking. 

This course provides excellent preparation for study in a Chinese university. There is an average of 6 students per class so you can be guaranteed that you will get the individual attention you need. 

You will attend 6 Chinese classes per day: The 4 morning classes focus improving your listening and speaking skills; The 2 afternoon classes focus on learning how to read and write Chinese characters while simultaneously strengthening your conversational skills.

You will receive a certificate on completion of your course.

Long-term One-on-One Chinese Program:
Picture of Learning Mandarin in Chongqing, ChinaPrivate Chinese lessons are the most effective way to quickly become fluent in the language. Our long-term Chinese programs for individuals enable you to comprehensively improve your Chinese language skills through reading, writing, listening, & speaking.

You can choose to study for 1 - 6 months and you can start on any Monday throughout the year.

Mandarin Chinese Language Course For Business Purposes - Private Lessons or Group Classes:
We teach Business Mandarin through one-on-one lessons or through group classes. You can choose to attend classes at our school or our tutors can come to your company. 

We are flexible regarding the times and durations of our classes - these can be tailored according to your specific needs or company requests.

This course is designed to improve your Mandarin proficiency in business activities and expanding your knowledge about business in China. It can be tailored to your specific needs or the training directives of your company.

Our training courses are based on business conversation and aim to help you to acquire business communication skills in a relatively short time.

We recognize that cross-cultural communication plays a important role in daily business operations. For this reason, we include proper Chinese cultural and business etiquette to our Business Mandarin course. 

The selection of teaching materials is based on the students' current Mandarin level, together with personalized demand and company-specific needs. At the end of training course, you will be awarded a final Mandarin learning evaluation and a certificate.

HSK Exam Preparation Course:

The Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì (HSK) is the standardized test used to determine the fluency of non-native speakers in using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives.

It is an international standardized exam that consists of a writing test and a speaking test, which are independent of each other.

Our HSK prep courses are designed to teach you methods that will assist you in attaining your highest possible score on the HSK.

While the content includes listening & reading comprehension, grammar, written expressions, as well as spoken and written sections, the primary focus is on test taking skills and strategies. We are proud to have a 100% pass rate of New HSK at YourMandarin!

Chinese Culture Course:
Images of YourMandarin Chinese Language School, ChongqingThis course is designed to give you a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture. We believe that Chinese culture is an important part of Chinese learning.

Learning Chinese culture will help you broaden your views and increase your knowledge about China. China is one of the four ancient civilizations of the world (alongside Babylon, India and Egypt).

It possesses vast geographic expanse, 3,600 years of written history, as well as rich and profound Chinese culture.

Many aspects of Chinese culture can be traced back many centuries ago. Chinese culture is so diverse and unique, yet harmoniously blended. It presents an invaluable asset to the world.

Learning Chinese culture will help you broaden your views and increase your knowledge about China. Chinese culture lessons here will teach you more about the long history of China, customs in China, arts of China and so on.

Our Chinese teachers are all professionals and incorporate different methods to create various language learning experiences. We also aim to better prepare and design Chinese culture lessons, so you can experience customized Chinese culture lessons that have been prepared and designed for you.

Course Subjects:  Chinese literature, popular legend, idiom, custom, handwriting, traditional Chinese painting and tea ceremony.

Further Chinese Courses:
- Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
- Homestay program with a local host family

For further information on our Chinese language and culture courses, please email us below.

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