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Keats School:
Learn Mandarin with Keats School - one of the top Chinese language schools in China! Conveniently located in the center of Kunming City, the capital of south-west China’s Yunnan Province, we provide intensive one-on-one Mandarin Chinese language instruction & small group Chinese courses to students from around the world.

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Mandarin Chinese Language Programs in Kunming:
Suitable for all levels: beginner, intermediate & advanced

Intensive One-on-one Chinese Course:
Study Options: 4 hours per day (20 hours per week) and 6 hours per day (30 hours per week). Available year-round.
Photo of Intensive Mandarin Chinese Courses in Kunming, China
We provide one-on-one Chinese language instruction with personalized study plans and materials exclusively for you to meet your learning goals and requirements.

You can tell us whatever you want to learn. We will then develop a curriculum for you based on your level of Chinese.

Our intensive one-on-one Chinese instruction provides you with more opportunities to practice your spoken Chinese and get real-time correction. In this way, you will learn Chinese quickly and effectively. 

Chinese Culture Program:
You have the option of taking any of the following culture classes alongside the private Chinese lessons on your intensive Chinese course.

 Chinese Calligraphy:  
After taking only 3-5 lessons of Chinese calligraphy, our students are able to write their own works of Chinese calligraphy. One Chinese calligraphy lesson lasts for 2 hours and you will have 2 lessons per week.

They are arranged either in the evening or at the time when you are not taking the Chinese language class.

 Chinese Cooking:  
Take Chinese cooking classes alongside your private Chinese lessons and learn how to prepare delicious Chinese food! You will learn to cook 4 dishes per week, and you can choose the dishes that you want to learn from our menu with over 200 options. 

 Tai Chi/Taiji or Kung Fu: 
This is a great choice for those who want to keep healthy while they are in China. Both Tai Chi and Kung Fu are good for self-defense, and physical / mental health. One Tai Ji/Kung Fu lesson takes 2 hours and you will have 2 lessons per week.

 Chinese Musical Instruments: 
The Chinese musical instrument option is 2 hours per lesson, and you will have 2 lessons per week. Choose to learn Guzheng, Erhu, Pipa or Hulusi.

With distinctive sounds and thousands of years of history, Guzheng and Pipa were important musical instruments in ancient Chinese palaces and favored by many Chinese emperors. It is relatively easy and you will be able to perform it after just 2 to 3 lessons. 

Mandarin Chinese Language Exam Preparation Program (For HSK & AP Chinese & SAT II)

Image of Intensive Mandarin Chinese Courses in Kunming, ChinaChina's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is a standardized test used to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers. 

From Monday to Friday, students will receive 6 hours of one-on-one Chinese instruction per day with qualified and experienced teachers. Our HSK preparation programs are available year-round and you can start anytime. 

The AP Chinese Exam assesses students' interpersonal communication skills, their abilities to present and interpret language in spoken and written forms, and their functional familiarity with Chinese culture. Keats teachers have been studying different methods to improve your AP Chinese test scores.

Coming to China and immersing yourself in a absolute Chinese environment along with Keats unique teaching methods are key factors to improve your scores in a short time.

Small Group Chinese Courses - Weekdays & Weekend study options

Levels:  Beginner Chinese, Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese classes.
This is an ideal language program for students who wish to live in Kunming for the long-term, and for students who now work in Kunming. 

Every year, over 200 students join our small group Chinese classes and this program boasts 50% returning students!  Weekdays, the course runs 2 hours a day Monday to Friday, for 16 weeks for one semester.

Keats School can provide students with student visas, but does not provide accommodation for small class students.

We can however assist you in getting in contact with local housing agencies which will show you a range of apartments, and the service fee is about one month’s rent, directly paid to the agency.
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Study + Tour Program:

Available for 1-4 weeks, this program combines professional one-on-one Chinese instruction (Monday to Friday) with trips to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Dali, and Lijiang.

You do not need to worry about any aspect of the trip because we arrange absolutely everything for you!

The program fee includes the lesson tuition, airport pick-up and drop-off, transportation, entrance fees, accommodation and food. 

With programs available year-round, we will design the Chinese course according to your personal needs and organize your trips to different parts of Yunnan and China.

You will have the opportunity to polish your Chinese language skills and gain insights into Chinese culture and local features. Groups of family members or friends are welcome.

Study + Volunteer Program (Start Anytime)
This program is a perfect combination of an intensive one-on-one Chinese courses and volunteering opportunities in China.

Volunteering in China means living and working alongside local people and gaining a better understanding of Chinese culture.

Each morning, students have 4 hours of private Chinese lessons with a professional Chinese teacher to have some drills in Chinese language which they will be using when doing the volunteer work in the afternoons.

Our volunteering activities include teaching English at a migrant school, teaching at schools for the blind, schools for children with mental health problems. If required, we can provide volunteer certificates and recommendation letters.

Chinese Course for Children:
Picture of Intensive Mandarin Chinese Courses in Kunming, ChinaDesigned for children ages 5-15, our program combines quality private Chinese lessons with Chinese culture classes and excursions. Children will take one-on-one Mandarin lessons each morning.

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, one Chinese cultural activity can be chosen from Chinese paper-cutting, Chinese chess, tea ceremony, Chinese songs, make Chinese dumplings, and Chinese movies.

In the afternoon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, children will have excursions to interesting places. Children will be able to use and practice the Chinese they learned in the morning during afternoon activities. 

Our Mandarin teachers are all experienced in teaching children and use various interesting teaching methods, which make Chinese learning easy and fun. Parents are very welcome to come with their children and participate in the afternoon activities. round.

This program is suitable both for families from overseas who are coming to Kunming to learn the Chinese language and culture, and for expat families who are living in Kunming and want one-to-one Chinese immersion for their child.

Customized Chinese Language Programs:
We can design tailored study programs to meet the specific needs or organizations, groups or families who wish to learn Chinese in China.

In past years, we have successfully held American high school summer programs and company trainings. We can organize the following study options on request:

• Semester / Year Abroad Program  
• Summer Mandarin Chinese Language Program For High School Students
• Summer Mandarin Chinese Language Program For College Students
• Homestay Program With Chinese Families- Study Mandarin Chinese Language + Internship Program

Online Chinese Lessons:
Available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Beginner, intermediate & advanced level.

• Step-by-step Mandarin Course
• Business Chinese
• Survival Chinese
• HSK Test Preparation
• 1-hour Chinese Grammar and Culture Classes
• Chinese for Children
• Chinese for Teenagers

Student Review:
•  "The unique 1 on 1 teaching style is complimented very well by a very friendly group of teachers that are invested in helping. Each student improves his/her Chinese. It is wonderful that each teacher is so patient with any student.

My teacher’s teaching has far exceeded my expectations. She is able to keep a well organized structure for class while still allowing flexibility for free conversation and to suit my interest. I thoroughly enjoyed each class. I highly recommend Keats School in Kunming."

Finn, USA

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