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English language camp in Ireland / Sligo

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English Language Camp Ireland:
English Language plus Activities for juniors & teenagers aged 12 to 17 in the beautiful West of Ireland, on the shores of Lough Arrow in County Sligo. Students come from all over the world to learn English, make friends, and enjoy all the activities this beautiful area has to offer. Our teachers and activity leaders are all fully qualified native speakers ensuring a fun, safe and educational experience for our students. We provide a Full English immersion course with Irish teens with a maximum of 10 students per class.

• Español: Curso de inmersión en la lengua inglesa para estudiantes internacionales de 12 a 17 años
• Italiano: Programma studio della lingua inglese, totale immersione
• Deutsch: Der englische Sprachurlaub für junge Schüler in Westirland
• Francais: Nous proposons des séjours linguistiques en anglais pour les étudiants internationaux âgés entre 12 et 17 ans

Our Students:

Photo of English language camp in Ireland / Sligo• We accept a maximum of 15 students from each country so that English is used for communication between students of differing nationalities.

• Students are aged between 12 and 17, and come from all over the world to learn English, make friends and enjoy all the activities this beautiful area has to offer.

• We are aware how important English is for our students. English opens doors to Universities and enhances careers. We equip our students with the head-start they need, our methods create an enjoyable language learning experience to ensure students get the full benefit from their educational holiday.

Summer English Course for Teenagers:

Image of English language camp in Ireland / Sligo
• 3 hours of English tuition each morning:  Our teachers are all fully qualified native speakers, their methods give the students confidence to communicate in English through the use of games, debates and role-plays. 

• Afternoons:  Including horse riding, kayaking, wind surfing, tennis, exploring the local forest park, cookery, art, dancing etc. This is where students get the opportunity to practise all the language they have learned during morning lessons. Our Irish teenagers and leaders also do the activities and help students with all their language needs.

• Evenings are spent relaxing together as a group watching English movies, playing board games, quizzes or trying to beat the activity leaders in table tennis competitions!

Meals and Accommodation:

Photos of English Language Camp Ireland• Students stay in the schools residential accommodation. Rooms are large en-suite rooms with 4-6 beds in each. There is at least one Irish teenager per room to ensure students use English at all times. The accommodation is cleaned daily and students are provided with a service to have their clothes washed weekly.

• Our qualified chef prepares nutritous meals and can accommodate most dietary requirements. As students are very active and are learning a lot, it's very important that they eat a healthy diet.

• Therefore, our chef provides meals which all students can eat and enjoy. All meals are served in the schools dining room overlooking the lake.

Weekend Excursion:

Picture of English language camp in Ireland / Sligo• Our team of fully qualified instructors will bring our International and Irish students on an overnight camping trip to an island on Lough Allen.

• Together, students and instructors sail to the island, pitch tents and cook dinner on the camp fire – a great friendship building weekend!

Español:  Nuestra excursión es un viaje de campamento de una noche hasta una isla del lago. Los alumnos navegan hasta la isla, montan las tiendas de campaña y preparan la cena en la fogata. Esto se realiza con instructores totalmente cualificados y adolescentes irlandeses. ¡Es un gran fin de semana para hacer amigos!

Italiano: Gite durante il weekend e campeggi nella fantastica campagna irlandese.

Why We're Unique!

Images of English Language Camp Ireland
•  Student guides - Local Irish teenagers who live in the school for the duration of the summer camp. Our student guides are the same age as our students and so they help them to settle in to life at English Language Camp Ireland. Our foreign students gain a lot of exposure to native speakers as they must communicate to the student guides in English!

•  Nationality Quotas - We accept a maximum of 10 to 12 students of any one mother tongue to ensure that English is used for communication

•  Excellent staff - Our staff are all native speakers and are fully dedicated to making the students experience as enjoyable as possible. Mos of our teachers stay in the residential accommodation so they are available to help students during homework time every evening.

Feedback from Parents:

•  "We just want to thank you and your team very much for the good time which Roberto spent in Ireland. Roberto gave us very, very positive feedback from the course, about the content, the activities, the participants and about the training staff and supervisors. We hope they will keep in touch. Roberto will return next year."
Detlef, Berlin

•  "Thank you very much: our daughter was very happy to stay in your school with you and other teachers.  She told us it seems to stay like in a large family! She enjoyed herself very much and she assured us her English is better than before!!!"
Mrs Spina, Florence

•  "We would like to thank you all once again, every day I discover more of these fantastic 3 weeks at ELCI. My daughter really felt at home there and still misses you all very much!"
Valerie, Paris

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Address: Ballinafad Lough Arrow, Sligo, Sligo, Ireland
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