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Stanford English Academy, Navi Mumbai:
English courses for local & international students: Located in Kharghar and Vashi, Navi Mumbai, less than 1 hour drive from the heart of Mumbai city, Stanford English Academy (SEA) is an established institute of English language studies offering quality courses for beginners to advanced learners. Stanford English Academy provides an exceptional educational experience to all its students (from the Mumbai area, from throughout India and international students from over 25 countries). Our English courses include Intensive English, Academic English, Spoken English, Business English, IELTS, TOEFL & TOEIC exam preparation, and more.

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English Language Courses in Navi Mumbai: 

• Intensive General English (General Purposes for Everyday Use)
Photo of English Courses in India - Navi MumbaiBuilds the student's confidence to use his/her English skills in everyday real life situations. Focuses on key aspects of Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Listening and Writing, enhancing the following skills:

- Reading and understanding different types of English texts
- Listening and able to converse freely
- Using both Grammar and Vocabulary effectively
- Writing clearly and accurately

• Intensive General English (Skill Based Study)
Designed for local Indian & international students who want to improve particular English skills, and those students who only have a limited time to stay in India. The module focuses on 3 main skills:
1) Grammar  2) Reading, Writing & Vocabulary  3) Speaking & Listening

Note: You must have at least some understanding of General English.

• Academic English Preparation
Designed for students who wish to pursue higher education in university or other third level college / institution. The course aims to provide a solid foundation in the Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar, Speaking & Listening. Course Prerequisite: Students should be competent at Intermediate English level or higher.

• IELTS Preparation Course
Image of English Courses in India - Navi MumbaiDesigned for students who wish to take IELTS exam. IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) was established in 1989, and is an international standardised test of English proficiency for non-native English speakers. 

In the IELTS exam, the four main language skills are tested - Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. IELTS exists in two modules: General & Academic. 

SEA provides our students with a very comprehensive training and test preparation focused on key techniques and strategies on how to master the test components.

IELTS is accepted by most British, Irish, Australian, New Zealand, South African and Canadian academic institutions, and over 3000 academic institutions in the U.S., and many professional organisations internationally. 

The test is jointly managed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, the British Council and IDP Education Pvt Ltd.

Course Prerequisite: Students should be competent at Intermediate English level.

Photos of Stanford English Academy, Navi Mumbai• TOEFL Preparation Course
The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is currently globally the most widely respected test of English language proficiency, recognized by more than 9,000 colleges, universities and recruiting agencies in more than 130 countries, including for example, the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia and NZ.  

In the TOEFL exam, the four main language skills are tested - Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. There are two TOEFL versions; the internet-based test (iBT) and paper-based test.

SEA provides our students with a very comprehensive training and test preparation focused on key techniques and strategies on how to master the test components.

Course Prerequisite: You should be competent at an Advanced English level.

• TOEIC Preparation Course
Administered in over 150 countries worldwide, TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is an globally-recognised test of the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers working in an international environment. 

The TOEIC test preparation course offered by SEA focuses on the key English language skills of speaking, listening, writing and reading. We will help you to improve any weaknesses you need to work on and practice sessions will be conducted to ensure your skills are effectively improved so that you can master the TOEIC test. 

The TOEIC test consists of 2 papers:
- Speaking & Writing: Prove your proficiency in an English-speaking workplace 
- Reading & Listening: Demonstrate how well you read and listen in an English-speaking workplace

• Business English for Professional Communication: 
Picture of English Courses in India - Navi MumbaiThis Business English course is for working professionals (for example, supervisors, junior management staff, managers, company executives, clerks, customer service/ sales reps, technicians, engineers..) who have recently graduated or currently working and looking to improve their English.

Students must actively participate in speaking and writing exercises based on real-life business scenarios. In addition, business vocabulary, listening as well as presentation skills are also improved.

Course Prerequisite: Students should be competent at Intermediate English level or higher.

• Spoken English / English Conversation Course:
This course is designed for learners of all ages and levels who are keen to polish their English conversation for everyday life situations.

The core programs are designed to improve communication in practical, real-life English-speaking environments.

Course topics include: 
- Greetings and Introducing Oneself
- Invitations and Expressing Gratitude
- Making Requests
- Asking for Information
- Complaining and Expressing Regret
- At the Bank / Post Office / Admin Office
- At the Greengrocer
- At the Restaurant
- At the Railway Station / Bus Station

• Personality Development Programs:
- Develop your everyday communication skills, and your personality
- Increase your chances of success in Group Discussions
- Increase your chances of success in Job Interviews (for professional)
- The English instructor has over 10 years experience in enhancing personality development

1. Public Speaking for Students (5 days a week, 2 hours/day)
Building confidence, speaking English correctly, day to day conversations, group discussion, mock job interviews, extempore public speaking, overcoming fear, giving presentations, speech delivery, vocabulary building, personality development.

2. Public Speaking for Professionals (Weekend classes, 3 hours/Saturday, 6 Saturday)
Building confidence, personality development, overcoming fear, improving your vocals, delivering speech, giving presentations, extempore public speaking, leadership qualities, time management, stress management, negotiations skills, good dress sense.

Student Reviews / Testimonials: 
Images of Stanford English Academy, Navi Mumbai"I chose India to learn English for various reasons. At SEA, I have a wonderful chance to know about different cultures, share different experiences, and communicate with different foreign friends only in English.

The teaching content and the methodology at SEA is organized, informative and beneficial. Learning skill based English in such an interactive environment is helping me improve my English everyday and now I am planning to extend the period of my course at SEA."

-  Mr. Mike Gil, Spain

"I work as a system engineer of Toshiba Company and I require to learn English for my career growth. I primarily chose SEA, as located in India I would find chance for some business visit as well.

But English training for one month at SEA has brought a great change in my English skills and oral communication in particular. I must appreciate the teaching methodology, the practice sessions and the individual attention in the classes at SEA.

The teachers are very sincere and continuously helped me to cope up with the difficulties during the lessons. The mixed nationalities at SEA make it mandatory to communicate only in English which proved to be an added advantage to improve my English communication. Now I feel that my stay in India is unforgettable more as English learning trip than the business trip."
-  Mr. Makoto, Japan

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