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Oogie Art: Art Portfolio Development School:
Oogie Art is the World's No. 1 art portfolio preparation school based on college and art award results alone. We have locations in Manhattan, NY, Boston & Lexington Massachusetts, and Shanghai, China. Every year, we help students gain admission with scholarships to their 1st choice colleges and universities.

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These are the results from 2018: 2 students accepted from Harvard, 1 student from Stanford, MIT, Yale and 3 students from Cornell, 2 students from Columbia University and many more from SVA, RISD, Parsons, and Pratt. The results of this year's 2019 for Early Action and Decision: 1 student accepted to Harvard, 2 students accepted to Cornell.

Gain Entry to Top Art Schools & Design Colleges:

Photo of Art Classes / Art Portfolio Prep in NYC“Oogie Art guides young artists to greater heights of artistic creation.”
- NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 2004

The aim of our art portfolio development classes is to help you to create an extraordinary body of artworks that will round out your art school applications, prepare you for life in a top art college, and strengthen the impression you make on admissions & scholarship committees.

Oogie Art has helped hundreds of students gain admission to top programs at Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, UPenn, Brown, Dartmouth, Duke, Cornell, FIT, Pratt, Parsons, Georgetown, Carnegie Mellon, Cooper Union, RISD, SAIC, and SVA with over $28 million in scholarships over the past 10 years.

Year-round Art & Design College Preparation Programs & Art Classes:

Image of Art Classes / Art Portfolio Prep in NYC- Build Strong Foundations
Every successful art portfolio is built on a firm understanding of the basics. Establish a solid understanding of the basics through a series of observational drawing projects that equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to grow as an artist. 

- Find Your Creative Voice
By referring you to the contemporary artists, artworks, and themes that relate most to your own ideas, you’ll be encouraged to express yourself with more clarity, purpose and vision. 

- Build an Art Portfolio that is uniquely yours
Students at Oogie Art follow a curriculum that is specifically based on their level of ability, intended colleges, time horizons, and intended major. We’ll always leave how fast you advance through your curriculum up to you. We hold in-class critiques, international museum workshops, and targeted seminars every year to help you talk and write about your work more effectively. 

- Small Class Sizes
The average student-teacher ratio per class is 9:1. We keep our class sizes small to ensure that you receive the individualized attention that you need. An instructor will always be close by to answer any questions you may have, providing guidance and demonstrating techniques. 

- Experiment and Explore
In our studios, we encourage research, exploration and experimentation. We’ll also encourage you to venture out of your comfort zones and develop a flexibility of mind. Expand your vocabulary of techniques by working with unconventional materials and media.

- Track Your Progress
Outside of class, you and your parents can track the development of your artworks, ask questions and request feedback 24/7 using our online portfolioTrack™ system.

Message from the Director:

"What may separate my approach from other approaches could be the fact that I have travelled not only the path of an educator, but I have lived the life of an artist as well...Years of not settling on a singular approach to art-making, I've realized, has empowered me as an art instructor with ideas that are free-form and almost always beyond the constraints of a particular set of histories or media."

- Wook Choi, President & Founder of Oogie Art

Student Testimonials:

Photos of Oogie Art: Art Portfolio Development School"I've been coming to Oogie Art for only half a year. I live in Princeton, NJ, and it takes me 1.5-2 hours each way to go to Oogie Art. I like Ms. Choi because she really cares for you, unlike instructors at many other schools. I was afraid to use color, and Ms. Choi knew that - she gave me homework to study color theory and made me practice using colors.

She made me go to Home Depot, which I thought was random, and told me to get lots of wall paint sample cards so I always had a visual reference whenever I was working with color. Thanks to her, I got accepted into my top choice college!"  
- Hiann Lee, admitted into SVA with a $62,000 scholarship.

"I went to many other schools before Oogie Art, but none of them were really challenging. Here, I finish better pieces, a lot faster. Every piece I made was better than the last, and I used to come home very satisfied. Oogie Art gives me the time and space to focus only on art. Ms. Choi really challenges you and shows you new concepts and techniques... Honestly, if I hadn't gone to Oogie Art, I would have never, ever, gone into art."  - Alex Khomyakov, admitted into RISD with a $92,000 scholarship.

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