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Located in New York City, Hills Learning offers Chinese, Japanese and English language lessons for all skill levels and all ages. Individual and group courses are available. Our group classes are for adults, at the Chanin Building which is part of Grand Central station (122 East 42nd Street, at the corner of Lexington Avenue, in Manhattan). We currently have a beginner course for Chinese, and with interest pending offer intermediate courses as well. Our private lessons are generally for adults, but we also have programs that cater to children who want to learn language. Our courses are designed to meet student needs in terms of conversational proficiency, scheduling flexibility, and overall effective language acquisition.

We cover all of New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and even Staten Island. Some spots of New Jersey and Connecticut can also be covered.

School / Office Address: 380 Lexington Avenue - 17th Floor, (East Side Manhattan)
New York City
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