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Delphian School:
Delphian School is a premiere, co-educational, nondenominational and nonsectarian, independent day and boarding school in Sheridan, Yamhill County, Oregon (located 60 miles southwest of Portland in the scenic Willamette Valley). We offer a full K-12 program with a complete curriculum in each school (Lower School, Elementary School, Middle School, Upper School), with approximately 240 students enrolled and 55 members of the teaching faculty. Day students are accepted from the age of 5 through 18 and boarding students from the age of 10 through 18. We also offer a highly-regarded English as a Second Language (ESL) program for international students, and summer camps.

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K-12 College Preparatory Academic Program:
Photo of Private K-12 / College Prep School in Oregon, USAThe Delphian curriculum covers the full spectrum of core academic subjects: literature, math, science, languages, history, and the arts. Students also focus on ethics and integrity, leadership, life skills, computer technology, and physical education. And they choose from an expansive selection of elective courses.

Lower School:
Delphian's Lower School includes Forms 1 and 2 (kindergarten through third grade). Our students receive quality personal attention, while our curriculum opens a wide world for them to explore.

At Delphian School, every day is an adventure. Getting children started in school with a positive attitude about the whole learning experience is vital. Since many of our students are just beginning their formal education, we have focused on creating an environment that achieves this in two key ways:

- The care of our faculty for each student, and
- A highly effective basics program integrated into a rich curriculum

Elementary School:
Image of Private K-12 / College Prep School in Oregon, USADuring their Elementary School years, students develop educational skills and habits that will stay with them for life. It is also during this early period that their educational foundation in reading, writing and mathematics is made firm.

Delphian's Elementary School curriculum focuses on the reading, writing and mathematics basics, while immersing students in the arts, physical and social sciences, foreign language and plenty of practical application to help students relate what they're learning to the real world.

Middle School:
Students generally enter Middle School around the age of eleven and a half and graduate to Upper School by fourteen years of age.

The Middle School years form the critical transition period from students competent in the basics of reading, writing and mathematics to students launched into more serious academic study.

For Middle School students, our concentration is on maintaining and raising the standards of those basic tools learned earlier, becoming focused and independent as students and getting an increased conceptual understanding of how academic subjects integrate and relate to real life.

Additionally, specific courses and projects are designed to raise the students' willingness and ability to draw conclusions and make judgments about the information they're learning.

Upper School:
In aPhotos of Delphian Schoolddition to challenging academic studies in literature, mathematics, writing, science, history and government, Upper School students gain practical understanding and experience in subjects of leadership, integrity and logic, as well as management and organizational skills.

Students become a vital element in the functioning of the school, taking on tasks of increased responsibility, requiring higher and higher levels of competence.

Our students learn to function in a professional manner, experience the value of living responsibly and gain the academic knowledge and practical skills needed to confidently and competently take the next step in life.

A Delphian graduate walks forward into higher education and life with a great deal of certainty in his abilities.

Individual Programming:
OurPicture of Private K-12 / College Prep School in Oregon, USA students work one-on-one with a curriculum specialist to develop their own, individual program of study within the core curriculum based on his interests, strengths and weaknesses, as developed in interviews and through diagnostic testing.

Students can move as quickly through their courses as they like, as long as they demonstrate that they understand and can apply the material.

Practical application is a significant element of the Delphian approach and accounts for a good percentage of the student's activities, particularly in the upper levels.

As they progress through the Upper School, students begin to focus on their particular areas of interest by selecting an area of specialization such as science and technology, the humanities, business, or fine arts. This is the culmination of the whole program — professional preparation for whatever the next step of the student is to be.

Teaching Methodology:
Students begin the curriculum with courses on how to study and academic basics. They move forward when fully competent at both, as all further study builds on these. The academic program is built around a comprehensive curriculum designed to work in conjunction with the study methods used.

Over 350 courses (checksheets) covering the full spectrum of subjects have been developed specifically for the Delphian curriculum. Many of the courses are required, but students also choose many elements of their program based on personal interest. Elective checksheets/courses on a wide range of subjects and levels are available.

Students planning to continue their education at the university level and beyond will structure their academic program to include those requirements. With this planning, Delphian School students are typically able to enter the educational institution of their choice upon graduation.

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