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KEF USA - Summer Camps in Orlando FL for Local U.S. & International Students:
At KEF USA in 2021, we offer exciting summer camps in Orlando FL that foster imagination and creativity in local U.S. and international students. In addition, we provide English language programs with immersive activities throughout the day with American students. Our overnight / sleepover programs for children & teens ages 10-14 and high school seniors 15-18 years old include an UnPlugMe Summer Camp (offering discovery and adventure), KEF Animation Camp, KEF-R9 Ronaldo Soccer Camp, NASA & Technology Camp for groups (of minimum 10 students participating during the same dates), ESL camps, and the fun opportunity to Design Your Own Camp of activities!

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KEF USA - Keep Exploring Forever!

Photo of KEF USA - Summer Camps / ESL Programs in Orlando FL• We believe that learning anything new should be about discovery and adventure, and at KEF, we provide opportunities where children can enjoy a wide variety of activities and experiences that can only happen in Orlando, Florida!

• All KEF USA residential programs are provided in partnership with an award-winning college in Orlando (voted #1 in the USA by students).

• Each and every KEF USA staff member is fully aware of the wonderful lifetime memories kids create during their summer camp, and strive to make every minute count. Ours are truly action-packed programs from 7am-10pm everyday.

• Campers also take part in an exciting, multicultural social program that includes visits to Orlando's theme parks and popular attractions.

• We believe in being as professional, thorough and transparent as possible with parents and guardians from the moment you contact us, and will send you a day by day schedule of all activities in your child's or group's program. In addition, every student receives an hour by hour weekly itinerary once he/she arrives in Orlando (if coming from outside the city area).

KEF Summer Camps & Activities - Fun, Educational, Unforgettable!

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• Our UnPlugMe Summer Camp (for individuals or groups of children & teens ages 10-14, and high school seniors 15+ years old, in June / July 2021) is designed for campers to enjoy learning, discovery and adventure.

KEF Animation Camp (for individuals or groups of children & teens ages 10-14, and high school seniors 15-18 years old, during the months of June / July). Classes by professionals from the animation industry. "Developing Young Minds Through the Art of Animation®".

NASA & Technology Camp for groups of minimum 10 students (teens & high school seniors ages 13-17) participating during the same dates. Offering an exciting combination of programs at Kennedy Space Center, Full Sail University, and Disney & Universal Studios that deliver the latest in science & technology in a fun, interactive way.

KEF-R9 Ronaldo Soccer Camp (for individuals or groups of children & teens ages 10-14, and high school seniors 15-18 years old, during the months of June / July/ beginning of August). Players learn with coach Gustavo Brasil, well-known in Brazil and nominated by FIFA as the "Best Soccer Coach in the USA".

ESL English Summer Programs for locally-based and international juniors / individuals or groups of ages 10-14, and high school seniors 15-18 in June / July 2021. Learn ESL English on a real-life college campus in Orlando, Florida in courses run from 2-8 weeks in June and July where all of our teachers have a master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language), and where we offer 12 levels of English proficiency.

Students receive 26 hours of English lessons per week alongside fun activities and excursions to all 4 Disney World parks, 2 Universal Studios parks including Harry Potter, SeaWorld, water parks and many other attractions that only Orlando can offer.

Design Your Camp of preferred activities! For Groups.

Student Reviews / Testimonials:

Photos of KEF USA - Summer Camps in Orlando FL for Local U.S. & International Students
• What a great time in Orlando, it was non-stop action day and night. We learned a lot, saw many new and exciting things and made new friends from Russia, China etc. My parents also want to thank everyone at KEF for taking such good care of us".

Sofie & William

• "I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at KEF and the teachers at the college. It was a wonderful experience everything from the morning to night. So much learning and so much fun altogether. I had a wonderful time!"

• "KEF had an immense impact on my life. Not only did my English skills improve drastically, but I had the possibility to share my summers with people from all around the world, who I can call friends for life now. The constant support of my teachers both academically and personally enabled me to grow as a student and a person. I am currently studying at a private high school in the United States and I know this is only possible because of my time in Orlando! I love KEF!"

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