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Academy Of The Holy Family:
The Academy of the Holy Family (AHF) is an accredited Catholic day and boarding high school for American and international young women in grades 9-12. Our school is located in Baltic, a town in the state of Connecticut in the New England region of north-eastern USA (approximately 2 hours from Boston and 2.5 hours from NYC). Our mission is to provide young women with a strong sense of Christian values and a challenging academic program empowering each individual to reach her spiritual, intellectual, moral and social potential. We welcome new students throughout the year.

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Boarding Program:  
Photo of Private Boarding School for Girls in ConnecticutThe boarding program makes it possible for the Academy to provide a quality Catholic education for students who live beyond commuting distance.

In addition to the academic school day, boarding students also have prescribed study periods, week-day activity periods, and weekend activities.

This program provides the student with a structure, opportunity to develop independence, and additional guidance to develop spiritually, academically, and socially.

Academic Programs:
Students attending the Academy of the Holy Family understand the importance of having a serious attitude toward their academic studies in order to attain their full intellectual development.

Critical thinking skills are emphasized. Study skills such as note-taking, memorization, and listening skills are considered as essential to success here at AHF. 

Homework, classroom participation and discussion, research papers, projects and test taking contribute to the final grade in each course. And yet, the academic piece to the Academy puzzle is so much more.

It includes an atmosphere of shared learning between teachers and students, engaging discussions, being informed to become formed - becoming individuals that are capable of taking their place in society as responsible citizens.

Ownership of the curriculum is evident in our student-based approach. As much as possible, students are encouraged to apply the course content to real life situations

College Preparation, Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available. Our students attend small, family like classes taught by dedicated religious and lay staff. Subjects include:

The purpose of the Mathematics Department at The Academy of the Holy Family is to stimulate the intellect, cultivate reasoning ability, and prepare students for higher-level math courses in college. Students will use the graphing calculator while applying logic, reasoning, and critical thinking skills to analyze and solve problems.
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These courses will be taught with the underlying principles of God as creator and sustainer of the universe, the dignity of the human person as His greatest creation, and the responsibility of humankind toward making our planet Earth hospitable and habitable through the knowledge gained in the study of these Science courses.  

Computer Science:  
Students are introduced to the capabilities of the Microsoft Office suite so that they may utilize these programs in future classes, in all subject areas.

Fine Arts:  
Involvement in the Arts creates a well-rounded student. Problem solving and the ability to gain new perspectives are enhanced through the AHF art program.

This course is an inquiry-based program. Each reading selection is put into historical, cultural, and social context. Students will be encouraged to relate the literature to their own lives and the time in which they live in order to help them recognize the universal themes of human experience.

Foreign Language:  
Instruction in Spanish centers on the development of the students’ God-given potential to impact their world, a world increasingly multicultural and in the United States, increasingly Hispanic.

The students will be guided to grow spirituallyPhotos of Academy Of The Holy Family and deepen their faith relationship with God and desire to live as followers of Jesus Christ and as active members of their faith.

Social Studies:  
The Social Studies program at AHF fosters knowledge of events and people throughout history, helps students to understand events in the light of the present day, nurtures compassion for all peoples and compels students to serve others as a result of the wisdom that has been attained.

Family Studies:
The Family Studies Department offers a variety of comprehensive family and consumer studies. Both required and elective courses are offered for one semester.

Physical Education:  
The connection of mind, body, and spirit is emphasized in both the physical education and health curriculum. In physical education, good sportsmanship and developing good decision making while developing sound moral reasoning is highlighted.

English as a Second Language:
There are two courses available for our international students- English as a Second Language and English for ESL Students. These courses acquaint the students with oral and written components of the English language. Students also become familiarized with the traditions and culture of the United States.

Guidance Program:
We also provide a guidance program to all our students. It has the following goals:

- To help the students of the Academy of the Holy Family develop their academic potential
- To assist students in course selection
- To assist students in reaching the next level of education
- To assist students with post-graduation planning and the college application process.
- To provide students with information on financial available for college
- To coordinate the testing program and to assist students with standardized testing such as EXPLORE, PLAN, ACT, PSAT and SAT.

Additional Activities:

Sports Program:Picture of Private Boarding School for Girls in Connecticut
The Academy recognizes that a comprehensive and balanced interscholastic athletic program is an integral part of the total educational process.

While the high school athletic program serves as an arena for the student-athlete to display her talents, she must, in turn, be willing to accept the responsibility to herself, to the team, and to the school.

There are a number of extra-curricular activities in which the Academy students are encouraged to participate including: Environmental Club, Legion of Mary, National Art Honor Society, National Honor Society, Student Council and more.

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