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ID Tech Camps, Ohio:
internalDrive, Inc. provides its hugely-popular summer iD Tech Camps for kids and teens in over 80 prestigious universities in the USA. These immersive technology education programs are held on campus at Case Western Reserve University (in Cleveland OH), and Ohio State University (in Columbus OH). iD Tech Camps offers week-long day camps and overnight camps for kids ages 7-12 & teens ages 13-17. Kids and teens learn one course topic per week, specializing in video game design, iPhone app development, Flash animation, programming, video editing and more.

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About iD Tech Camps:

Photo of Summer Tech Camps in Cleveland & Columbus, OhioWelcome to the World’s #1 Tech Camp! Unlock your limitless potential, create apps, develop video games, make movies, design robots, and more. Weeklong day & overnight camps held at 80+ top universities throughout the U.S.

What's the Difference Between iD Tech Camps and iD Tech Academies?
iD Tech Camps offers weeklong day camps and overnight camps for ages 7-17, and integrates more traditional summer camp activities into the curriculum. iD Tech Academies provide a more intensive, pre-college experience. Courses are 2-week, overnight-only programs for teens ages 13-18 (with weekend stays optional).

Summer Camp Programs for Kids & Teens in Ohio:

Image of Summer Tech Camps in Cleveland & Columbus, OhioAt iD Tech Camps, the courses are built around each individual student. The week-long sessions include intensive, personalized technology instruction, and a variety of fun summer camp activities appropriate for kids and teens (day camps and overnight camps available).

Beginner to advanced level tech whizzes get the opportunity to show off their skills. Come and explore a university campus, get motivated by enthusiastic instructors, and build vital 21st century STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) skills. 

Camps include:
- Adventures in Programming with Scratch (ages 7-9)
- Adventures in Robotics (ages 7-9)
- Adventures in Game Design - Minecraft (ages 7-9)
- Intro to Programming with Scratch & Java (ages 10-12)
- Robotics Design & Visual Programming (ages 10-12)
- 3D Game Design with Minecraft (ages 10-12)
- 3D Game Design - Racing Games (ages 10-12)
- Role-Playing Game Design with RPG Maker (ages 10-12)
- FPS Game Design (ages 10-12)
- Game Design for iPhone & iPad (ages 10-12)
- Programming in Java (ages 13-17)
- Programming in C++ (ages 13-17)
- Game Modding & Java Coding - Minecraft (ages 13-17)
- Robotics Engineering & Programming with VEX (ages 13-17)
- RPG Game Design with Torchlight ll (ages 13-17)
- 3D Level Design - Portal 2 & Team Fortress 2 (ages 13-17)
- FPS Game Design - Unreal Engine (ages 13-17)

Parent Testimonials:

“My son is always skeptical about things he starts. After the first day he was ecstatic about the class. He loves playing the games but making them thrilled him immensely. Thank you for offering him this opportunity.”
- Vicki F., Parent, Case Western Reserve University

“My son had a great time and said he learned a great deal. The staff was friendly and helpful and we loved being able to see my son in the photos online. Thanks so much.”
- Kelly L., Parent, Ohio State University

Student Testimonials:
“iD Tech Camps is an amazing place for gamers of all ages who want to learn what happens behind the scenes of their favorite games! It is rewarding and absolutely fun!” 
- Sievey J., Student, Ohio State University

“This camp is great and is a fun summer activity if you are interested in a career in the video game industry.” 
- Henry C., Student, Case Western Reserve University

“This was the best camp I have ever been to! The staff was very positive about the programs. I had to create a really hard game for my instructor to beat so he would have a challenge. As an overall experience, I loved the camp and would like to come back next year.”
- Bryce T., Student, Ohio State University

International Students:

Photos of ID Tech Camps, OhioAs long as you are able to understand basic English, we invite you to attend our program. Students do not require a visa to attend one of our camps.

Excursions & Activities:
We maintain a common-sense balance of indoor/outdoor time at our camps. While we spend an average of five hours in the labs each day, we take time out for outdoor games, movie nights, talent shows, campus exploration, and gaming competitions.

Camp Locations: 
iD Tech Camps is America’s #1 Tech Camp, with summer programs at over 80 prestigious universities in 28 states across the nation, including the following Ohio locations:

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH
- Weeklong Day Camps for Kids & Teens: Ages 7-17 (iD Tech Camp)
- Weeklong Overnight Camps for Kids & Teens: Ages 10-17 (iD Tech Camp)

Ohio State University, Columbus OH
- Weeklong Day Camps for Kids & Teens: Ages 7-17 (iD Tech Camp)
- Weeklong Overnight Camps for Kids & Teens: Ages 10-17 (iD Tech Camp)

University campus locations in:  Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington State, Washington DC, Wisconsin.

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