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Camp Sagemont - English Learning:
Camp Sagemont at The Sagemont School of Weston, Florida provides summer English immersion programs for international students entering Grades 1-12. The city of Weston is a beautiful South Florida community, located just 30 minutes away from the international airports of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

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Summer ESL Programs in Florida for Kids & Teenagers:

ESL Advantage:
Daily English lessons only

Photo of Summer English Immersion Camp USAESL Advantage is an academically rich ESL program provided by Camp Sagemont which is designed to improve the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers - elementary school, middle school and high school students.

On arrival, each student is assessed to identify their strengths as well as their weaknesses. We can provide individualized instruction for areas that need improving.

Morning English lessons include writing, reading, picture vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar and verbal skills, which are enhanced through dialogue and role playing situations.

Camp Sagemont aims to help each student achieve higher levels of English proficiency and understanding. Progress reports are sent home every Friday with each student to communicate their achievements and areas of continued progress each week.

ESL Advantage is available for:
- Elementary School Students: 1st grade - 5th grade
- Middle School & High School Students: 6th grade - 12th grade

ESL Advantage Plus:
Daily English lessons combined with fun afternoon activities

- Students 1st grade - 5th grade will join the rest of the campers in their age group each afternoon. Fun activities include Cool Creations, Extreme Experiments, Sports, Yoga, Media Minds, Dance & Cheer, Music and Creative Movement, and Young Chefs. 

- Students entering 6th-8th grade will join the Teens Travel group. They will participate in local field trips such as Miami duck tours, bowling, beach excursions, indoor trampoline parks, movies,  and much more.

- Students entering 9th-12th grade will join the Leaders in Training (LiT) program and participate with their assigned camp cabin to include any in on campus activities and / or local field trips.

Summer High School ESL Preparation:
For international students ages 14-17

Image of Summer English Immersion Camp USAThis cultural and English language immersion program with Leadership Training is designed as a pre-session for entering American high schools. We can arrange a homestay accommodation with a local host family to help improve your English language skills even faster.

In this summer English camp, international teens will work alongside local teens and participate together in our unique and interactive Leaders in Training (LiT) program designed to help identify and develop leadership skills while becoming more fluent in English.

LITs will learn to work with younger American and international campers at camp and on field trip destinations. They will participate in planning and leading activities, parent interaction, as well as supervision and team work. LiTS will earn First Aid, CPR and AED certification.

This is a 4 week program. The first 3 weeks are open to all but week 4 is only open to newly accepted students beginning school at Sagemont in the next academic year. The 4th week is designed to help to familiarize students to an American home, as well as cultural etiquette and social manners with their appointed host family.

They will meet their teachers and administrators at Sagemont, and explore their new community of Weston. They will take their entrance tests, complete their course schedule and be well prepared to begin school!

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