Diplomatic mission address of the Belgium Embassy in South Africa, consulate address details, Phone number of Belgium Embassy in Pretoria, Cape Town, Johannesburg. Find information on where to go, opening time when to call, how to find the embassy etc.
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Belgian Embassy for South Africa - Address / Phone Number

Belgian Embassy for South Africa

Belgian Embassy in South Africa

Address: 625 Leyds Street Muckleneuk 0002
City: Pretoria (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours)
Tel.: 012 440 3201/2
Fax: 012 440 3216
Emergency tel.: + (27) 82 853 5914
Working hours: Monday to Thursday, 9.00 – 16.00, Friday 9.00 – 15.30

Belgium, a small but hard working country of 10 million inhabitants at the heart of Europe and the much larger and more populous Republic of South Africa at the most Southern tip of the African continent find themselves in a strong and mature relationship. Their interaction is based on sound political relations, growing economic ties and streamlined cooperation programs. Moreover, South Africa has become home for thousands of my compatriots.

Jurisdiction of the Embassy - Apart from the main role in South Africa, this Embassy and its Consulates also cover the Belgian interests in and bilateral relations with Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. The Embassy’s Bureau in Maputo is mainly competent for development cooperation projects but has also limited consular responsibility. The interests in Botswana and Namibia are covered by Honorary Consuls in Gaborone and Windhoek.

The Administrative and Consular Section deals with all matters related to passports, visa and judicial affairs and also all administrative matters concerning the Embassy.

  • Visas
  • Passports
  • Residence and Work permits
  • Driving License
  • Family and legal matters
  • Elections
  • Legalisation
  • Legislation, etc.

Belgian citizens living in South Africa are encouraged to register with the Embassy. Registering allows the Embassy to assist one more efficiently when issuing an identity card, issuing consular certificates (e.g. residence certificates, registration certificates, certificates of nationality, 'household composition' certificates, cohabitation etc.). One may also participate in some elections in Belgium (federal general elections, and European elections if you reside in an EU Member State).

A passport is an official, worldwide recognized and usable travel document in the format of a booklet issued by the relevant authority in a particular State to its nationals. One must make a distinction between a passport and an identity card which, as its name implies, is just a single card.

Theft or loss of a valid passport must be reported to the police and a police report should be presented when applying for a new passport. Otherwise a passport is applied as normally. When reporting a lost passport to the police it should be noted that a report made by telephone and a registration number given  on the basis of that might not be adequate proof to the insurance company. The report can be made in person at a police station so that a report of the crime is available in writing.

Identity Card - All Belgian nationals over 12 years old whose main domicile is abroad and who are listed in the population register kept by Belgian embassies and consulates must apply for a Belgian identity card (ID card). This document is a valid travel document that can be used in EU Member States and a number of neighboring countries. ID cards must not be confused with the proof of identity or residence permit issued by the relevant authorities in your country of residence. The latter two documents are only valid and officially recognised in the country of residence.

This map displays where the Belgium Embassy / Consulate is located in South Africa, Pretoria.

If this location is no longer correct, please submit the exact new address information via our Contact page. If the map does not load for you, try opening this page on another web browser.

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