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Cypriot Embassy for Ireland - Address / Phone Number

Cypriot Embassy for Ireland

Cypriot Embassy in Ireland

Address: 71 Lower, Leeson Street, Dublin 2
City: Dublin (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT 0 hours)
Tel.: 01 676 3060
Fax: 01 676 3099
Working holidays: Monday to Friday, 9.00 – 17.00 

The Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Ireland was established in December of 1997.The Embassy's main mission is to promote and further strengthen the political, economic, cultural and trade relations between Cyprus and Ireland. Furthermore, the Embassy provides general information on Cyprus and offers consular services to Cypriot Nationals visiting or living in Ireland as well as to foreigners visiting or wishing to establish relations with Cyprus in various fields.

The Embassy offers a full range of consular services for Cypriot citizens residing in Ireland (such as receiving applications for passports, birth certificates, citizenship etc.). It also provides Cypriots visiting Ireland assistance, if needed.

Moreover, a wide range of other services is offered to residents of Ireland. The Consular Section, inter alia:

  • Accepts applications and issues visas to foreign nationals for entry to Cyprus.
  • Certifies the authenticity of a signature placed before a consular officer of the Embassy (on official documents) for various purposes e.g. Power of Attorney.

Please note that it is always advisable to make an appointment before visiting the Embassy for any consular issue.

Registration of Persons of Cypriot Origin as Citizens of the Republic of Cyprus and Acquisition of the Cypriot Citizenship by Naturalization:

Persons of Cypriot origin, born either before or after 1960, who are British citizens or citizens of any Commonwealth Country and have been living in Cyprus one year immediately preceding their application, must submit an application on Form M.124 in duplicate along with their birth certificate, a certificate of good-character, a photocopy of their passport and fees of CY£ 25. (Please note that you can obtain the relevant Form M.124 only by contacting the Ministry of Interior, Nicosia, tel. +357 22 302105).

The Passport Section of the Ministry of Interior issues and renews passports and travel documents to Cypriot citizens. Children up to the age of 12 may be registered on their parent's passport, either their mother's or their father's upon the issue of a passport to their parent. Children over 12 years of age should have their own passport. The application should be completed by the minor applicant (under 18 years of age) but then signed by both parents in the presence of the Consul. Applications for the issuance or renewal of a passport or a travel document are submitted at the Consular Section of the Embassy if the applicant resides or visits (in the case of loss of passport) Ireland.

NOTE: Due to the fact the Embassy does not issue passports itself but instead sends the applications to the Ministry of Interior in Cyprus, applicants wishing to apply for a new passport or for a renewal of their existing passport should do so well in advance of any scheduled trip they are planning on taking since the process can be time-consuming.

Civil Identity Cards can be issued only to eligible persons who have attained the age of 12. Civil Identity Cards are issued to the following persons:

  • citizens of the Republic of Cyprus,
  • persons of Cypriot origin and
  • foreigners, permanent residents of Cyprus, irrespective of whether they have a permanent or temporary residence permit.

This map displays where the Cyprus Embassy / Consulate is located in Ireland, Dublin.

If this location is no longer correct, please submit the exact new address information via our Contact page. If the map does not load for you, try opening this page on another web browser.

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