Diplomatic mission address of the Greek Embassy in Romania, consulate address details, Phone number of Greek Embassy for Bucharest, Timisoara, Constanta.. Information on where to go, opening time when to call, how to find the embassy etc.
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Embassy of Greece for Romania - Address / Phone Number

Embassy of Greece for Romania

Embassy of Greece in Romania

Address: 1-3, Pache Protopopescu, Sector 2, Bucharest
City: Bucharest (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +2/+3 hour)
Tel.: (004021) 2094170-4
Fax: (004021) 2094175
Consular tel.: (004021) 2094190-1-2
Consular fax: (004021) 2094193
Emergency tel.: (004)0766714976
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00 - 16.00
Consular hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00 - 12.30

Greece and Romania collaborate closely on the bilateral and European level, as well as within the framework of regional organizations and initiatives: the OSCE, the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP), the SECI and the BSEC.

The Embassy provides consular services related to:

  • Maritime affairs;
  • Delivery of legal documents;
  • Inheritance affairs;
  • Arrests, preliminary hearings, detentions, incarcerations of Greeks abroad;
  • Passports;
  • Hospitalization;
  • Taxes;
  • Customs;
  • Change of residency;
  • National service;
  • Verification of the authenticity of foreign documents;
  • Vital records;
  • Power of attorney;
  • Transport of bodily remains;

In case of loss or theft, the holder of the lost passport must report the loss immediately to the nearest police or consular authority (the same holds true if the lost passport is found). The above authority carries out an investigation (which may last up to 3 months) into the circumstances under which the passport was lost or stolen. During the investigation, a new passport is not issued to the applicant unless it is deemed necessary that the applicant travel abroad to receive medical treatment.

In cases of emergency, provisional travelling documents can be issued by Greek Consular Missions abroad for the repatriation of Greek citizens.

Citizens of Romania do not need visas to visit Greece for stays of up to 90 days.

This map displays where the Greek Embassy / Consulate is located in Romania, Bucharest.

If this location is no longer correct, please submit the exact new address information via our Contact page. If the map does not load for you, try opening this page on another web browser.

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