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Iranian Embassy for Germany - Address / Phone Number

Iranian Embassy for Germany

Iranian Embassy in Germany

Address: Podbielskiallee 65 - 67
City: Berlin (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1 hours)
Tel.: 030-84 35 32 05;030-84 35 30
Fax: 030-84 35 35 34
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30 – 16.30
Consular hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30 – 12.30 

The duties of the Consular Section of each country have been stipulated in the Article no. 5 of the Convention, in a manner so as to provide for the opportunity of activities in the field of economic, cultural, scientific and so on, in the recipient country. The most important of consular officers duties in other countries is, dealing with the protection of their countrymens interests, and the tasks ordered by governmental bodies, institutions and so on. Some of the chief matters that s/he deals with can be listed as follows:

  • Legal Affairs (birth - marriage - divorce - death - Set Power of Attorney - certification of papers and documents, etc.)
  • Passport Affairs (Replacement of passports, issuance of entry papers and travel document for returning to Iran)
  • Social Affairs (Handling issues concerning prisoners in the country of the Embassy/consulate jurisdiction, commercial disputes and affairs)
  • Citizenship Affairs (Obtaining and renouncing Iranian citizenship and etc. Student Affairs
  • Visa Issuance and legalization of commercial and business documents

The reality is that the Consular Sections tasks are not limited to those mentioned above, and encompasses many other issues that have not been hereby mentioned for brevity. All Consular Section of the IRI Embassy’s around the world are fully committed themselves to ensure the deliverance of the kind of services appropriate with regards to the principles of noble people of Iran.

Passports can be renewed exclusively in the following cases:

  • Expiry of the 5 or 10 year validity of the previous passport.
  • There are no longer any blank pages left in the passport
  • Individual has evidence of being registered under a new Name, Surname, or Date of Birth; in which case it is required provide that evidence namely their Iranian Birth Certificate, or "Shenasname”

If a nationals passport is damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear, many airliners and officials will not deem it an acceptable travel document. In this case the Iranian National may refer to the Embassy or Consulate of the IRI and apply for a replacement of a damaged passport.

PLEASE NOTE:  Personal details in the Passport will be arranged and inscribed in English alphabets according to inputs in the forms, are unalterable, & the Embassy will not be responsible for any input mistakes in the forms, leading to incorrect details in the issued the applicants passport.

This map displays where the Iran Embassy / Consulate is located in Germany, Berlin.

If this location is no longer correct, please submit the exact new address information via our Contact page. If the map does not load for you, try opening this page on another web browser.

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