Diplomatic mission address of the Romania Embassy in Spain, consulate address details, Phone number of Romania Embassy for Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia.. Consulate information on where to go, opening time when to call, how to find the embassy etc.
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Romanian Embassy for Spain - Address / Phone Number

Romanian Embassy for Spain

Romanian Embassy in Spain

Address: Avenida Alfonso XIII no.157, 28016 Madrid 
City: Madrid (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1/+2 hours)
Tel.: +34 913 501 881
Fax: +34 913452917
Consular tel.: +34 917 344 004
Emergency tel.: +34 649656032
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00 – 18.00 

Romanian Consulate General in Barcelona
Address: Calle San Juan de la Salle 35 bis 08022 Barcelona
City: Barcelona (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1/+2 hours)
Tel.: +34 934 181 535; +34 934 340 220; +34 934 344 223
Fax: +34 934 341 109  

Romanian Consulate General in Seville
Address: Avenida Manuel Siurot nr.30, cod postal 41013, Sevilla
City: Seville (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1/+2 hours)
Tel.: +34 954 233 243; +34 954 624 070; +34 954 230 947; +34 954 624 053
Fax: +34 954627108 

Romanian Consulate General in Bilbao
Address: Plaza Circular 4, 48001 Bilbao
City: Bilbao (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1/+2 hours)
Tel.: +34 944245177
Fax: +34 944245405 

Romanian Consulate General in Zaragoza
Address: Calle Camino de Las Torres 24, 50008 Zaragoza
City: Zaragoza (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1/+2 hours)
Tel.: +34 976481429
Fax: +34 976481779 

Romanian Consulate General in Castellon de la Plana
Address: Avenida de Valencia nr. 144 (esq. con Rambla de la Viuda)
City: Castellon de la Plana (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1/+2 hours)
Tel.: +34 964216172; +34 964206764; +34 964216171; +34 964203331; +34 964203234
Fax: +34 964257053 

Romanian Consulate General in Ciudad Real
Address: Calle Mata 37, 13004 Ciudad Real
City: Ciudad Real (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1/+2 hours)
Tel.: +34 926226825
Fax: +34 926231170 

Romanian Consulate General in Almeria
Address: Carretera Huércal de Almería 46, 04009 Almería
City: Almeria (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1/+2 hours)
Tel.: +34 950625963, +34 950624769
Fax: +34 950145217 

Consular services provided by the Embassy:

  • Issuance of passports;
  • Issuance of birth, marriage, death, criminal record, employment, name change, divorce certificates;
  • Issuance of notarial acts;
  • Dealing with Romanian citizenship;
  • Marriage in the Embassy;
  • Issuance of visas;
  • Assistance and consular protection of Romanian citizens.

In case Romanian citizen loses or gets his/her documents, money or other belongings stolen abroad, he/she should immediately report it to the local police and obtain a police report.

Citizens of the European Union or from the European Economic Area (EEA) (including Spanish nationals) can enter Romania at any border checkpoint where they must submit a valid identity document – passport or another identity document acknowledged by the Romanian State. EU/EEA citizens may enter and stay in the territory of Romania in keeping with the right of free movement and residence granted under the Romanian legislation, according to European provisions. For a stay in Romania longer than 90 days, a registration certificate has to be obtained from the Romanian Immigration Office.

This map displays where the Romania Embassy / Consulate is located in Spain, Madrid.

If this location is no longer correct, please submit the exact new address information via our Contact page. If the map does not load for you, try opening this page on another web browser.

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