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Turkish Embassy for Austria - Address / Phone Number

Turkish Embassy for Austria

Turkish Embassy in Austria

Address: Prinz-Eugen-Straße 40, 1040 Wien
City: Vienna (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours)
Tel.:  (+43 / 1) 505 73 38 - 0
Fax: (+43 / 1) 505 36 60
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00 – 12.30, 14.00 – 18.30 

Turkish Honorary Consulate in Salzburg

Address: Strubergasse 9 A-5020, Salzburg Austria
City: Salzburg (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours)
Tel.:  +43 662 44 21 20 - +43 662 44 21 33
Fax: +43 662 44 21 33 – 4 

Consular services provided by the Turkish Embassy:

  • Issuance of birth certificates;
  • Issuance of marriage certificates;
  • Issuance of passports;
  • Issuance of temporary travel documents;
  • Notary services;
  • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship;
  • Issuance of visas.

There are two types of visas in the Turkish practice:

  • Entry visa (single entry, multiple entry and entry with special annotations)
  • Transit visa (single and double transit)

Single entry visa is valid for one year and allows its holder, depending on the nationality and passport type, to stay in Turkey up to three months and to visit the country only one time.

Multiple entry visa is valid for up to five years and allows its holder to make multiple visits and, depending on the nationality and passport type he/she can stay one to three months each time he/she enters into Turkey.

Transit visa is valid for up to three months and allows the person to travel to another country through transiting the Turkish territory.

For birth certificate procedures, an application from either parent will be accepted. If one of the parents is a foreign national, the application must be completed by the Turkish parent. According to the relevant Turkish legislation, if a child is born abroad, notification must be made to the Embassy/Consulate General for the area in which the child was born, no later than 60 days after the birth.

Theft or loss of a valid passport must be reported to the police and a police report should be presented when applying for a new passport. Otherwise a passport is applied as normally. When reporting a lost passport to the police it should be noted that a report made by telephone and a registration number given  on the basis of that might not be adequate proof to the insurance company. The report can be made in person at a police station so that a report of the crime is available in writing.

Turkish citizens residing abroad must register with the Consular Register corresponding to the district where they live. Registration allows them to renew their documentation, to be able to prove their residence abroad and to participate in elections called in Turkey, except municipal elections, as well as to request consular assistance in situations of need.

This map displays where the Turkey Embassy / Consulate is located in Austria, Vienna.

If this location is no longer correct, please submit the exact new address information via our Contact page. If the map does not load for you, try opening this page on another web browser.

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