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British Embassy for the U.S.- Address / Phone Number

UK Embassy for the U.S.

Embassy of United Kingdom in United States

Address: 3100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington DC 20008
City: Washington (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -5 hours)
Tel.: +1 202 588 6500
Working hours: by appointment only

The UK offices across the USA work to develop and sustain the important and longstanding relationship between the UK and the USA, and provide consular assistance to British nationals.

The Embassy can provide assistance with the following:

  • issue replacement passports
  • provide information about transferring funds
  • provide appropriate help if you have suffered rape or serious assault, are a victim of other crime, or are in hospital
  • help people with mental illness
  • provide details of local lawyers, interpreters and doctors and funeral directors
  • do all we properly can to contact you within 24 hours of being told that you have been detained
  • offer support and help in a range of other cases, such as child abductions, death of relatives overseas, missing people and kidnapping
  • contact family or friends for you if you want
  • make special arrangements in cases of terrorism, civil disturbances or natural disasters

An emergency travel document lets one leave another country if he/she cannot get a new or replacement British passport in time to travel. A person can apply for an emergency travel document if one is a British national outside the UK and their passport has been lost, stolen, damaged or has expired. The applicant should first try to renew or replace the passport if it has expired or is damaged. Only apply for an emergency travel document if you need to travel before you can get a replacement.

An emergency travel document allows the person to leave the country he/she is in and travel to the destination via a maximum of 5 countries. The emergency travel document can also cover a return journey if one is resident in the country they are applying from.

NOTE: An emergency travel document does not guarantee entry to every country. One may also need a visa.

The emergency travel document will only be valid for the journey that you specified when you applied and for a specific period of time. This will be shown on the document. Your existing British passport will be cancelled in most cases. Immigration authorities may keep your emergency travel document when you arrive at your destination.

Emergency Passports:
The applicant must book an appointment at a Passport Customer Service Centre if one needs a passport urgently and he/she is in the UK. After the appointment, you can get your passport the same day or within a week. The Premium service means you will get your passport within 4 hours of your application being accepted. You must go to the Passport Customer Service Centre to collect it. The Fast Track service means your passport is delivered to your home address within 1 week of your application being accepted.

NOTE: The applicant cannot get a refund if he/she cancel their application or are not entitled to a passport.

Fee payments can be done by:

  • debit or credit card
  • cash
  • cheque or postal order (payable to the correct organisation, and write the application barcode numbers on the back)

The British Embassy and certain British Consulates in the United States can provide a range of legal documents for British nationals. An appointment must be made for most services using the online appointment system. If there is no specific formal requirement for a notarial service or certificate to be provided by the British embassy or consulate, local notaries or lawyers in the USA can sometimes provide these services more conveniently, quickly and cheaply.

Fees for consular certificates and documents are paid at the time of service by MasterCard or Visa only. Refunds of consular fees are not given for certificates or notarial services. The length of time that it will take to provide the service will be explained to you when you make your appointment.

This map displays where the UK Embassy / Consulate is located in USA, Washington DC.

If this location is no longer correct, please submit the exact new address information via our Contact page. If the map does not load for you, try opening this page on another web browser.

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