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U.S. Embassy for Austria - Address / Phone Number

U.S. Embassy for Austria

US Embassy in Austria

Address: Boltzmanngasse 16, 1090 Wien
City: Vienna (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours)
Tel.:  (+43 / 1) 313 39
Fax: (+43 / 1) 310 06 82
Emergency tel.: (+43 / 1) 313 39
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30 – 17.00
Consular hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30 – 12.00, 13.00 – 14.00 

The mission of the United States Embassy is to advance the interests of the United States, and to serve and protect U.S. citizens in Austria. The Ambassador is the personal representative of the President of the United States. As the chief advocate of U.S. policy, he or she is supported by personnel from the Department of State and other Washington agencies.

The Embassy reports and analyzes developments in Austria of concern to the United States, and advances a broad range of U.S. policy initiatives. The Embassy promotes United States' economic and commercial interests, and the export of American agricultural and industrial products and services, and otherwise assists American business, workers and investors. The Embassy engages the government and a broad range of organizations and individuals in Austria to promote shared values. Among others, these include individual freedom, human rights and democracy and the rule of law.

For US Citizens in need of immediate emergency assistance, please call (0043 1) 31 339 0 at any time day or night.

Consular affairs, passports, visas, or legal affairs - INCLUDING: entering, working, residing in the United States: Send questions about visas and all matters concerning entering, working in, or residing in the U.S., questions about federal benefits and questions about American Citizen Services to ConsulateVienna@state.gov

The American Citizen Services Section (ACS) assists people with passport renewal, registration of Americans residing in Austria, birth reports for children of American citizens, income tax forms, voter registration, notarial services and emergency service for Americans.

According to Section 215 of the U.S Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1185) it is illegal for an U.S. citizen to enter or leave the U.S. on anything other than an U.S. document. This applies to dual citizens as well, meaning that persons holding e.g. both Austrian and U.S. citizenships MUST enter and leave the U.S. on a valid U.S. passport; they may NOT enter/leave the U.S. on an Austrian/foreign passport. This applies to children as well as adults.

NOTE: On return to the European Union the dual national needs to enter the European Union with EU passport. It is illegal to enter the EU as an EU citizen with the U.S. passport.

Effective April 8, 2002, U.S. citizens residing or traveling abroad who require issuance of a U.S. passport will be issued the latest, state-of-the-art passport incorporating a photo-digitized image and other enhanced security features. U.S. Embassies and Consulates will achieve this goal by transferring the passport issuance function to a domestic U.S. passport facility. This will increase processing times at some U.S. Embassies and Consulates, but the Department is committed to ensuring that U.S. citizens are encouraged to apply early for renewal of expiring passports.

U.S. Embassies and Consulates will continue to issue passports in emergency cases. Such passports will be limited in validity, and cannot be extended. Bearers will be required, however, to exchange their limited validity passports for a full-validity photo-digitized passport upon completion of their emergency travel, both through passport facilities in the U.S. and U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad.

Notarial services are provided by appointment only and cost $ 50.00 (or the equivalent in €) per notarization. Acknowledgment of a signature on documents for use in the United States. Used with deeds, powers of attorney, bills of sale, corporate acknowledgment, etc. Written declaration made under oath of affirmation; a sworn statement. Examples: Marriage affidavit (Ledigkeitsbescheinigung), paternity affidavit, affidavit concerning lost passport, etc.

Note: the Embassy cannot authenticate U.S. documents such as marriage certificates, divorce decrees, death certificates, etc. Under the Hague Convention, an Apostille is issued by the Secretary of State and the Deputy Secretary of State of the individual U.S. state.

Demonstration Notices, Security Notices and Messages for U.S. Citizens, and other important communications are disseminated to U.S. citizens in Austria by means of the Warden System. The Warden System is a network of U.S. volunteers who assist the Embassy in rapidly disseminating official U.S. Government information to U.S. citizens in Austria during emergencies. Receipt of such information, particularly in the absence of functional telecommunications systems, has been critical for U.S. citizens during past emergencies.

This map displays where the US Embassy / Consulate is located in Austria, Vienna.

If this location is no longer correct, please submit the exact new address information via our Contact page. If the map does not load for you, try opening this page on another web browser.

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