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Management English Books, Dictionary of Managerial Business English

Management English Books1. Language Reference for Business English: Business Management English by Nick Brieger, Jeremy Comfort, Paperback: 231 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
Ideal for teaching business-oriented students managerial English. The authors concentrates on building up vocabulary, putting students into a business context and providing motivating role-playing situations. This and his other books are well thought out and closely linked to language used in current business contexts. Recommendable for adult education, for students of international business studies and for teaching English to company-based groups.

2. The Language of Business English: Grammar & Functions (Business Management English) by Nick Brieger, Simon Sweeney, Textbook Binding, Publisher: Prentice Hall
Great book for international executives fat advanced English levels. It provides concise, clear grammar explanations on each left-hand page, and exercises on the right. Its modular format makes it adaptable to many different students. The extension activities are useful. The role of the instructor is to use the material as a jumping off point for more extended practice.

3. English for Management: Reading Skills in Business by Alejandra Martinez Avila, Textbook Binding, Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill College
This is the ideal text for helping students learn and apply management skills while they use and improve their English reading skills. Its simple, easy-to-use format facilitates use in all types of business English environments. Each chapter includes a practical reading passage that discusses a specific management skill, along with a helpful glossary. The text provides vocabulary exercises in a cloze format, while "Management Exercises" in each chapter encourage critical thinking through the use of role play within the application of management theory. This new text provides the optimum results for management preparation.

4. English for Careers: Business, Professional, and Technical (8th Edition) by Leila R. Smith, Paperback: 407 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
Designed for business students who need additional reinforcement in grammar, punctuation and spelling, this best-selling text/ workbook features a unique pedagogy, user-friendly writing style, and a positive approach to grammar that counteracts the "I hate English" syndrome students often exhibit. Standard English skills essential for getting a good job, holding the job, and advancing in a career are acquired through clear, brief discussions followed by reinforcing exercises, carefully placed after each new lesson. Students learn by studying small amounts, then self- checking, thus reinforcing chapter material immediately. The authors stimulate student motivation, lessen anxiety, and maintain interest by using a light touch and a practical business orientation throughout.

5. New Business Matters Coursebook: Business English With a Lexical Approach by Mark Powell, Paperback, Publisher: Thomson Learning
An intermediate/upper intermediate course with a lexical approach, also ideal for students preparing for the speaking and reading and writing tests in the BEC 2 and BEC 3 examinations. Business Matters deals with international issues of interest to all companies and business people. Each unit is based on a specially written article, rich in the language of company life. It has a unique lexical syllabus which guarantees more effective learning than other courses. Mark Powell has precisely identified what business students need to learn to increase their understanding, fluency and communicative power. Ideal for both in-service and pre-service courses; focus on real language; compelling reading; realistic fluency activities; a proper lexical syllabus; rich in collocations and fixed expressions; adult in content, design and approach; all texts recorded to aid comprehension.

6. Business English and Communication (Management Development Series) by The Management Development Centre of Hong Kong (Editor), Management Development Centre, Paperback: 276 pages, Publisher: Chinese University Press
This is a textbook specifically written for Chinese intermediate and advanced business and management students or in-service professionals living and/or working in Hong Kong. The book is part of The Management Foundation Programme created in 1995 in order to provide "Hong Kong managers and supervisors with practical management skills" and "to help graduates to obtain international accreditation of professional bodies" (p. vii). It is the only book in the series in English; the rest are written in Chinese. This book is designed for classroom use or for self-study. The language and structure use is appropriate for an upper intermediate level to lower advanced business reader. The core language has a distinctive business flavor. The spelling is done in Hong Kong (British) English. In this book, readers are introduced to business communication in an understandable, practical way.

7. A Dictionary of Human Resource Management by Edmund Heery, Mike Noon, Paperback: 480 pages, Publisher: Oxford University Press
An authoritative source of precise and easy to understand definitions of words, terms, and phrases that are encountered in the fields of HR management, personnel, and industrial relations.

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