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English Language Classes in Singapore

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Language Works English Courses:
Located in the heart of downtown Singapore, Language Works is an English language training centre, offering English courses to individuals and organisations, that are customised to your learning needs, objectives and industry. Training courses cover English Language for Business, Communication, Sales and Customer Service language skills. Specific courses include Perfecting Business English, Perfecting Conversational English, Focus on Writing, and a range of tailored workshop programs. Study options include individual (private) lessons, small groups, and large group classes specifically designed for organizations and work force teams. Our courses can be combined and further customised to meet your learning needs.

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Beginner to Advanced Level English Language Courses:

Group / individual study options include:
Photo of English Language Classes in Singapore- Group Class for organisations (12 students per class)
- Small Group Class for individuals / executives (2-5 students per class)
- Private Classes (one-to-one flexible coaching)

Course Schedules:
All of our English courses are completed in 15 classes in 4 months when a class is held once a week, 2 months when classes are held twice a week, and 8 days if done intensively. Writing courses are completed in 20 classes. 

Perfecting Business English (Pre-Intermediate level and up)
The Perfecting Business English course is entirely customisable, geared towards well-rounded communication for the workplace. Whether you are in business or a student of business, this course will greatly improve your ability to communicate in English in a wide range of business situations, and develop the communication skills you need to succeed. Choose the topics relevant to your needs, as they can be taken in any sequence. Go for a 15-session full course or a 6-session Express Course.

Our Business English Core course focuses on Presentations, Meetings, and Negotiations skills. The Business English General is a multi-level course, developed with the Financial Times. Topics are based on great interest for everyone involved in international business, while reflecting the latest trends in the business world (case studies). 

Our Perfecting Business English course focuses on Listening, Speaking, Reading, Business Writing, and Communication Skills. Course topics include:
Image of English Language Classes in Singapore
Back to Basics:
- Foundations of English grammar
- Getting to know you

Cultural Diversity & Social Skills:
- Building a relationship
- Keeping the conversation going

Being on the Phone:
- Setting up appointments
- Cross-cultural communication

- Holding the audience's attention
- Summarizing & concluding

- Making meetings effective
- Stating and asking for opinion

- Preparing for a negotiation
- Bargaining and making concessions
 - Dealing with conflict

Wrap-up Session:
Students benefit from a concluding session planned out according to their language and communication needs. Key components include a Q and A, fluency work, pronunciation, role play, discussion etc.

Perfecting Conversational English (6 levels, Beginner to Advanced)
The Perfecting Conversational English course covers Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills, as well as Grammar, Pronunciation and Vocabulary across six proficiency levels. Filled with engaging everyday topics, the content is highly engaging, and students are always encouraged to voice their opinions and ideas.

All courses are conducted over 15 sessions at a schedule that suits you. A course can be completed in 4 months if taken once weekly, and in 8 days through intensive coaching. Course topics include:
Photos of Language Works English Courses
- Getting to know you
- The way we live
- What happened next?
- What do you want to do?
- Fame!
- Places and things
- The market place
- Do's and dont's
- Going places
- Things that changed the world
- What if?
- Trying your best
- Fluency in speaking
- Wrap-up session (Final session planned out according to their language and communication needs)

Focus on Writing (All levels)
Our Focus on Writing course covers the language components of mainly Business Writing, based on your line of work and industry. We cover the fundamentals and technicalities of business writing, going over structure and much practice, based on what you have to write for. Course topics include:

Picture of English Language Classes in Singapore- English for business today
- Writing effective sentences
- Punctuation
- Verbs at work
- Pronouns
- Modifiers
- Writing traps
- Writing powerful sentences
- Building paragraphs
- Professional communication
- Open session (Participants benefit from an open session planned out according to their language and communication needs)

2-Day Tailored Language Workshops:
We design our programmes to best fit you. Working together to meet your targets, we create a unique programme, and in the course of training, lead your colleagues into reaching those goals. We take care of the problems you face in exchange for greater efficiency and better relationships at work. Courses last for 2 days / 12 hours (2 sessions, 6 hours each). Topics include:
Images of Language Works English Courses
- Focus on Interviews
- Presentations
- Phonetics (Pronunciation)
- Grammar
- Business Writing
- Public Speaking
- Communication
- Sales
- Customer Service

Our courses can be combined and further customised to meet your learning needs.

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