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English Language Training in Singapore

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Language Works English Courses:
Located in the heart of downtown Singapore, Language Works is an English language training centre, offering English courses to individuals and organisations, that are customised to your learning needs, objectives and industry. Training courses cover English Language for Business, Communication, Sales and Customer Service language skills. Specific courses include Perfecting Business English, Perfecting Conversational English, Focus on Writing, and a range of tailored workshop programs. Study options include individual (private) lessons, small groups, and large group classes specifically designed for organizations and work force teams. Our courses can be combined and further customised to meet your learning needs.

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Quality English Language Training:

Photo of English Language Training in Singapore- We provide the perfect combination of dedicated language coaching with supporting Training Complements for students and management. 

- We are studentcentric, working by design, using an open and professional approach, applying our unique teaching philosophy.

- Language Works is working with various non-profit organisations in bringing about change for the underprivileged, towards a better society. We believe that in giving, we create positive energy that we can pass along to people around us. We are a partner of the Speak Good English Movement, raising awareness to the public by holding workshops at libraries. We work with the Children's Society for public speaking workshops and youth camps.

Our Team of Expert Coaches:
Our coaches are teacher-trained and have more than 20 years of teaching experience. We are a team of training professionals who share the same motivation – to make communication simple, clear and real –making it work for you!

We take pride in using high quality materials, and have professional and native-speaking language coaches that will ensure learning is always engaging, effective and applicable to individual needs. Students are allocated the best coaches with the expertise and knowledge matched to their needs and goals. Our aim is to gradually allow the student more speaking time, enabling increased awareness and confidence.

Explore Your Language Possibilities:

Image of English Language Training in SingaporeTo begin your learning with us, simply email via our Contact Us page. You need to complete a brief placement test before we can recommend a suitable course and class type for you. To begin, you are very welcome to meet us at our training centre for our understanding of your learning needs. You could meet our coaches and sit-in at our on-going classes for about 15 minutes at no charge to see how we conduct them. 

We aim to enable you to:
- Begin to look at the English language in a positive new way, using it effectively in the workplace and social circle
- Present yourself professionally by what and how you speak and write, increasing your career prospects
- Communicate fluently and confidently with people around you in international English standards

Beginner to Advanced Level English Language Courses:

Photos of Language Works English Courses
- Perfecting Conversational English (6 levels, Beginner to Advanced) 

The Perfecting Conversational English course covers Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills, as well as Grammar, Pronunciation and Vocabulary across six proficiency levels.

- Perfecting Business English (Pre-Intermediate level and up)
The  Perfecting Business English course is entirely customisable, geared towards well-rounded communication for the workplace.

- Focus on Writing (All levels)
Our Focus on Writing course covers the language components of mainly Business Writing, based on your line of work and industry.

- 2-Day Tailored Training and Workshops:
Topics include: Focus on Interviews, Presentations, Phonetics (Pronunciation), Grammar, Business Writing, Public Speaking, Communication, Sales, Customer Service.

Our courses can be combined and further customised to meet your learning needs.

Group / Individual Study Options:
- Group Class for organisations (12 students per class)
- Small Group Class for individuals / executives (2-5 students per class)
- Private Classes (one-to-one flexible coaching)

Student Testimonials:

Picture of English Language Training in Singapore"I am enjoying learning the correct language sequences and a wider variety of word choice. I also enjoy the pace of the lesson and no-judgment when I make a mistake. What I find different about Language Works is the one on one class environment that is aimed at your level of learning needs. I am from China and I have found it very challenging to live in Singapore. This is really helping me to feel more confident in this environment."
- Peggy

"I am enjoying learning the structure and rules for correct written English. The structure is very good at Language Works. I can expect what I am going to do in my next class and follow. Other schools do not offer the breakdown, especially in individual courses."
- Hanul (Evelyn)

"I attended 30 classes in total over the course of a year and I have really benefitted a lot from my lessons here. Firstly, I can speak with far more confidence now. Secondly, now I can (to some extent) put my ideas across more clearly."
- Cheng Lui

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