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Image of John Cabot University, Rome John Cabot University:
John Cabot University (JCU) is a private, American liberal arts university in the heart of Rome, Italy. We offer a range of Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree programs to students from over 60 countries worldwide as well as semester abroad / year abroad programs. We also offer summer study abroad programs.

Location and Facilities:


Photo of International University in Rome, Italy • Located in the heart of the Eternal City, John Cabot University maintains two campuses, each with its own personality - a charming, historic campus in the center of Rome and a more modern campus nearby on the Tiber River.

• We combine the best qualities of American liberal arts education, with the history and rich cultural heritage of Rome, a city that is at the same time one of the cradles of western civilization and a vibrant center of international life.

• John Cabot University not only gives you the location - la bella Roma, with its access to Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa - it also gives you an outstanding university with:

- More than 100 professors from all over the world 
- 200 classes (the average class size is 15 students) 
- A lively international student community from 60+ countries 
- On-site experiences, study trips and extra-curricular activities 
- Both JCU campuses are wireless and set up to encourage dialogue and collaboration among our international student population


Image of John Cabot University, Rome • Walk through the Porta Settimiana (built in the third century) and you will find JCU’s Frank J. Guarini Campus.

• Located on the grounds of the Accademia dei Lincei, the National Science Academy, where Galileo was a member, this historic building takes full advantage of Rome’s mild climate, opening onto patios, terraces and a spacious “Lemon Tree” courtyard surrounded by bougainvillea. Students regularly congregate in these open spaces to study and socialize.

• In addition to classrooms, the Guarini Campus houses the Aula Magna Regina auditorium, which hosts lectures, concerts, plays and films; the Frohring Library, with its study rooms, multimedia lab and media room; as well as JCU administrative offices.


Photos of John Cabot University, Rome • JCU’s Tiber Campus, located on the banks of Rome’s famous Tiber river and a five-minute walk from Guarini, is a spacious, state-of-the-art building with smart classrooms, a student lounge and JCU offices such as Student Services and Counseling.

• Designed by the Italian modernist architect Angelo di Castro in 1958, it was completely renovated to accommodate 21st-century learning styles and technologies, while maintaining the architectural integrity of this former elementary school.


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School / Office Address: 233 Via della Lungara
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