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Online Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom) Degree in Canada / BC

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University Canada West - Online Bachelor of Commerce:
University Canada West (UCW) is a private, business-oriented university in Vancouver which offers MBA and Bachelor degrees that prepare you to be an effective leader in the workplace, including a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree program that will provide you with broad foundation knowledge of contemporary business and its practices. UCW aims to be a leading university in Canada and on a global stage and is known for its diversity (students currently come from over 34 countries around the world), its innovative methods and its effectiveness in preparing motivated students for their professional careers.

Online Bachelor of Commerce Degree:

Photo of Online Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom) Degree in Canada / BCThis BCom program consists of four tiers: university foundation, disciplinary foundation, disciplinary applications and integrative applications. The course will provide a foundational knowledge of all aspects of businesses and the way they operate. Students will develop their writing and research skills, as well as the ability to perform well as part of a team.

Throughout this ACBSP-accredited Bachelor of Commerce online program, students will gain useful insights into contemporary business practices and develop their critical-thinking skills in order to effectively analyze and interpret information to make informed decisions.

Why study Bachelor of Commerce online?

• Flexible study times
• Become part of a worldwide network of students
• Access to a wealth of online study resources
• Enhance your personal and professional development
• Benefit from highly-experienced professors with professional experience

Course Structure
The Bachelor of Commerce online program follows the same course structure as the on-campus alternative, differing only in delivery method. The Bachelor of Commerce online allows you to fit studies around your daily commitments.

The Bachelor of Commerce content is delivered online via:

• Direct contact with your lecturer through email and/or Skype
• Interactive videos
• Informative case studies based on real businesses
• Clear and innovative study resources

Online discussion forums
With the same materials offered and the same syllabus covered, students studying our Bachelor of Commerce online enjoy the same learning outcomes as the students studying on campus.

BCom Program Structure:

The courses are designed to provide a breadth of business perspective and skills, building your core skills in writing, research, and team performance.

Tier 1 University Foundation
Tier 1 courses are your entry into the BCom program. They establish the basic university skills of research and writing whilst introducing you to the knowledge needed for each program. The instructors of these courses know they are your entry point and work hard on all the basics to ensure you successfully complete your degree.

• Principles of Accounting
• Introduction to Business
• Mass Media & Society
• Science elective
• Principles of Microeconomics
• Principles of Macroeconomics
• Moral Philosophy
• Academic Writing
• Contemporary Literature
• Foundation Mathematics

Tier 1 Bachelor of Commerce students must take one Science 100 elective.

Tier 2 Disciplinary Foundation
Our Tier 2 courses are more advanced than the level of study during Tier 1. Expect to find the standards more rigorous and work more intense. These courses are taken concurrently with your Tier 3 courses.

• Business Environment
• Information Systems for Managers
• Communications Theory
• Writing for Specific Audiences
• Organizational Behaviour
• Statistics
• Marketing Management

Tier 2 BCom students are also required to take THREE electives from the Tier 2 elective pool.

Tier 3 Disciplinary Applications
Tier 3 courses develop your core skills and understanding of business. Taught by instructors who are both experts in their fields and experienced professionals, you will acquire the knowledge necessary to make you an excellent practitioner in the world of commerce.

• Managerial Accounting
• Business Law
• Professional Communications
• Finance
• Research Methodology
• Human Resource Management
• Operations Management

Tier 3 BCom students are also required to take THREE electives from the Tier 3 and Tier 4 elective pool.

Tier 4 Integrative Applications
Tier 4 courses are the final step in your program. They provide the opportunity to integrate and refine your knowledge. You will complete your program alongside your GRES 400/401 research project. This final six credit course allows you to put your energies into a project of your choice that highlights the depth of your education.

• Strategy and Decision Making
• Business Capstone 1
• Business Capstone 2

Tier 4 BCom students are also required to take SEVEN electives from the Tier 3 and Tier 4 elective pool, TWO of which must be 400 level management courses.

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