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Drawing & Oil Painting Summer Courses in Italy

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The Florence Art Studio:
Study art in Florence - the birthplace of the Renaissance! Conveniently situated on Via Ghebillina in the heart of the city, The Florence Art Studio provides short & intensive art programs to international students from around the world. Taught entirely in English, our customized art courses (duration: 1-4+ weeks) aim to teach the fundamentals of drawing and painting from life. We teach adult students of all levels - from complete beginner to advanced artist. The program is intensively taught in an encouraging environment, with a great deal of personal attention given to each student, through intensive individual training and one on one lessons. Short summer workshops also include: watercolor painting course, Still Life, Oil Painting, Fresco, fine arts exam preparation, painting & drawing courses for those on holiday / vacation in Florence & more.

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Intensive Art Programs in Florence:
- Taught in English language, Duration: 1-4+ weeks
- The starting date for any program is generally at the beginning of the week (Monday). 

Photo of Drawing & Oil Painting Summer Courses in ItalyGeneral Course Structure:
• The standard day program consists of instruction in the studio five days a week, Monday through Friday for three hours a day (9am to 12pm).

• For the remainder of the time, you will have drawing sessions with live models (when you have reached the sufficient skill level), work in the studio, and enjoy activities outside the studio. 

• We offer six discrete and sequentially progressive modules, each of which serves as the foundation for the next, allowing you to build on the skills and techniques learned already.

• Each module can be studied from one week to one month or longer. On completion of a module, you can choose to progress to the next level. However, each module can also be taken as a stand-alone course.

Modules / Areas of Study:
• You can choose to study each module from one week to one month or longer. You will work at your own pace, under the guidance of your instructor.

- Bargue Drawing course
Image of Drawing & Oil Painting Summer Courses in ItalyTaught in an elegant and conveniently-located environment, Bargue's Cours de Dessin introduces you to a drawing method used to quickly develop your basic drawing skills, the ability to see geometric and tonal relationships, and uncompromised accuracy. 

- Cast Drawing course
Building on the skills and techniques learned in the preceding Bargue Drawing module, this course involves working under unchanging light conditions using the sight-size method. 

- Freehand Cast Drawing course
In this module, in order to balance the previous work in sight-size, you draw casts using proportional relationships freehand in charcoal or pencil, with modeling techniques appropriate to the drawing medium.

- Portrait and Figure Drawing course
In this module, you will develop proficiency in drawing the human form from life using the sight-size method. Considerations of establishing the pose, lighting the figure, and composition will be discussed.

- Still Life Painting course
In this module, you will learn about the fundamental techniques of painting. In addition, we provide an overview of the development of the Still Life in art history.

You will create a uniquely individual Still Life painting developed in a step by step approach from the selection of material and set-up, through to the final painting.

- Portrait and Figure Painting course
Building on the successful completion of the previous studies, you will attempt to master the supreme goal of academic training - painting of the human form.

Further short workshops throughout the summer: Watercolor painting course, Fresco, Still Life, Oil Painting, fine arts exam preparation, painting & drawing courses for those on holiday / vacation in Florence & more.

Student Reviews / Testimonials:
Photos of The Florence Art Studio“I just spent a month at the Florence Art Studio. It was my first serious drawing course, and really challenging. It was intense, and I learned a lot. I’m very happy that I now have the means to work and to progress in realistic drawing. Gary is an amazing instructor; very patient, encouraging, and able to explain in different ways to help you understand. I now feel confident to practice and practice. Thanks Gary! I will definitely be back for the next step: Portrait and Live Model drawing.”
Ony, Artist, France

“I have done several drawing courses previously, but this was the best I have ever been to. Gary is a wise teacher that knows just when to help you overcome problems, and when to let you solve the problems on your own. My week in Florence was therefore very effective, and comparable to many weeks of larger classroom drawing courses. It helped me to think in a different and more precise way when I am drawing and painting. I hope to be able to continue my art education at the Florence Art Studio.”
Alf, Surgeon, Norway

“Dear Gary, I want to thank you for all that you have taught me and for the many artistic virtues you have instilled in me through the past several weeks. I know now how to look but more importantly see what my eye previously was not able to readily perceive.  I have learned patience, persistence and preciseness. You were a wonderful teacher and mentor and I’ll forever value the guidance and wisdom you have shared.  I do hope that life will bring me back to Florence and your Studio once more. With gratitude.”
Caroline, College Student, USA

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Address: Via Ghibellina, 121 50122, Florence, Italy
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