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The Florence Art Studio:
Study art in Florence - the birthplace of the Renaissance! Conveniently situated on Via Ghebillina in the heart of the city, The Florence Art Studio provides short & intensive art programs to international students from around the world. Taught entirely in English, our customized art courses (duration: 1-4+ weeks) aim to teach the fundamentals of drawing and painting from life. We teach adult students of all levels - from complete beginner to advanced artist. The program is intensively taught in an encouraging environment, with a great deal of personal attention given to each student, through intensive individual training and one on one lessons. Short summer workshops also include: watercolor painting course, Still Life, Oil Painting, Fresco, fine arts exam preparation, painting & drawing courses for those on holiday / vacation in Florence & more.

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Our Mission:

Photo of Summer Drawing & Painting Courses in ItalyThe mission of The Florence Art Studio is to evolve the academic training of artists in the humanist tradition for the continuous renewal of representational art based on aesthetic refinement and beauty. 

Why Choose The Florence Art School?

- Focus On Student Development
Through intensive individual training and one on one instruction, our customized courses provide a very high level of teaching.

- Personal Attention
You work within a structured environment under the guidance of an expert instructor, who will personally monitor your progress and development.

- Learn At Your Own Pace
You progress through each module at your own pace. In learning drawing skills, you copy drawings, draw antique casts, and live models until you have developed sufficient skill to progress to the painting program.

Intensive Art Program / Short Summer Courses:

Image of Summer Drawing & Painting Courses in Italy- Specializing in Drawing & Painting
- Taught in English language, Duration: 1-4+ weeks
- The starting date for any program is generally at the beginning of the week (Monday). 

We offer a unique program of academic training that is divided into sequentially progressive modules that cover the fundamentals of drawing and painting from life. Each module serves as the foundation for the next. You can also choose to take any module as a stand-alone course, from one week to a month or longer.

Modules / Areas of Study include:
• Bargue Drawing
• Cast Drawing
• Freehand Cast Drawing
• Portrait and Figure Drawing
• Still Life Painting
• Portrait and Figure Painting

Further short workshops throughout the summer: Watercolor painting course, Fresco, Still Life, Oil Painting, fine arts exam preparation, painting & drawing courses for those on holiday / vacation in Florence & more.

Student Reviews / Testimonials:

Photos of The Florence Art Studio
• "What better place than Florence to travel and immerse oneself in the great art of the Renaissance?...Painting as a progression from drawing was also a revelation with Gary motivating me step by step from basic preparation, organization and final application to another level of skill.

I have a long way to go but with the very dedicated personal tuition I received from Gary, I feel confident I am well on my way! A most enjoyable and rewarding experience; highly recommended to anyone, at any level wishing to learn, progress and achieve their own artistic goals.”

Glyn, Advertising Executive, UK

• “Two weeks at The Florence Art Studio have been a revelation and set me on a different more confident path towards my rather ambitious goal of traditional Portraiture. Gary Adcock is a generous, knowledgeable and accomplished tutor with limitless patience and the rare ability to treat each student as an individual. He knows instinctively when to encourage and when to stand back. I am lucky enough to have a number of distinguished artists in my lineage who have all had great influence on me, however I myself am a relative novice, having only taken up drawing and painting within the last three years.

Spending time with Gary both working in the Studio as well as benefitting from his seemingly limitless knowledge during visits to the Uffizi has been invaluable. My knowledge and understanding is greatly enhanced giving me the focus I require to move forward.

I unreservedly recommend that anyone who wishes to find focus, and improve their  skills in drawing and painting whilst absorbing all that Florence has to offer attend The Florence Art Studio with the certain knowledge that they will not be disappointed.”

Chirria, Portrait Artist, UK

• “The 3 weeks I spent at the Florence Art Studio proved to be one of the most pivotal times in my artistic development. Despite having taken numerous drawing classes and holding an art degree, no one had taught me the right way to see, and to construct a realistic drawing, until I met Gary. I learned more in 3 weeks than I had in years, and now have taken those skills with me.

In addition to his vast knowledge of technique and art history, Gary is a supportive and incredibly patient teacher. He has the ability to see the errors in a drawing and gently guide the student to correct them. He takes the process step by step and gives clear instructions. No time was wasted. The 3 museum tours I went on with Gary were also fascinating as he revealed the depth of his knowledge, citing details about the artists and their techniques that would not be covered in a normal tour.

I highly recommend attending the Florence Art Studio if you are serious about learning to draw and paint. Gary is a perfect teacher for anyone who has avoided their studies after being intimidated and judged by past art instructors. This program is for anyone who is frustrated with signing up for an art class, only to be handed a pencil and left to their own devices with no actual instruction. You will not be disappointed in your experience at The Florence Art Studio.”

Hadley, Artist, Illustrator and Web Designer, USA

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