Free Hulk games online for kids to play without download: Hulk Central Smashdown, an RPG Incredible Hulk-based smashing game for PC, Mac, iPad, and online destruction game for angry teens, boys & girls. Action hero games to cause damage/ make a mess/ take out aggression on the internet at home.
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Online Hulk Destruction Game - Hulk Central Smashdown

Rating: 7.5/10 - 4332 votes

Hulk Central Smashdown is a nutty Hulk action game for kids, teens and Big Kids where you (the Hulk) have to smash as many enemy robots as you can by jumping and landing on them but not letting them touch or shoot you. This fast-paced, bright-green, all-action game involves powerful jumps and precise landings. It requires nothing more than a healthy desire to smash everything to bits! It’s endless fun! Have a go; see how high you can jump but watch where you land. The Hulk is raging – you need to channel his rage. Let out that aggression! Get smashing! Good look Hulkster!

OK, so you’re mad, bad and bright-bright green! You are not in a good mood, so things are going to get smashed. Whatever gets in your way is fair game. Don’t let anything touch you as it will reduce your health and once your health gets to zero, it’s game over for the green giant. You turn red (briefly) every time some thing touches you. In order to cause maximum damage, try and jump as high as you can. Move when you’re in the air and make sure you land on an enemy target. The higher you jump, the greater the smash you make when you land - BOOM! Destruction is the objective, remember!

Along the way, try and collect as many power ups as you can. They can give you extra strength – rage and invincibility, but only last for a short time. Power ups are dropped when wheeled robots are destroyed. Remember, when you are powering up, if an enemy touches you, you will be damaged. OK, ready for some all-out destruction and chaos? Let off steam and bring it On!

How To Play: Use your computer mouse to move the Hulk around the game screen. Hulk will follow your mouse cursor. Hold down the left mouse button to power up and release the left mouse button to jump. Move your mouse around while Hulk is in the air to land directly on those pesky robots. You can see your Score and Health bar at the top of the game screen and a game map (showing where you and the enemy are) in the bottom right corner of the game screen. To pause the game, click “Pause” at the bottom of the screen.

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