Help when games won't load: Game loading issues such as - why can't I open games on iPad, why can't I play game on Learn4Good?, why is game not downloading?, why does game open slow on Mac, PC?, why is the game page blank, doesn’t finish loading?..
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Some Help & Advice to visitors who encounter an issue loading a game

Hello. Some of you will encounter issues and pop-up messages on your browser when trying to open the free game files on in order to play.  Yes, this can be initially very frustrating, but "normally" there is a simple cause and solution to hand. Please read examples of problems below that other people have encountered and reported to us. We have added some tips/advise on how to solve these common game loading issues. If you feel your problem is not covered below, and you can't play a game online on, you can send us a detailed report of your issue via our Contact Page. Please remember to send the web page address of the game where you have a problem. We hope you are back playing these great games very soon.

Q1.  The game won’t open for me on my iPad, iPhone or Android-based device. Why is that?
In order to play Flash games, you have to install a web browser which supports Flash on these devices. We recommend Puffin Web Browser because it is one of the fastest web browsers (that we have encountered) that supports Flash Player on iPad, iPhone and Android-based mobile devices. Puffin Web Browser provides a desktop-like web browsing experience (with the help of cloud servers) to tablets and smartphones without the normal need for powerful hardware. It is available to download here for Android.

Q2.  The game won't open for me on my PC or Mac. Why is that?
First, try clearing your browser Cache, and then reopen the game page. If you are unsure how to clear your cache, see this very helpful guide or alternatively see these instructions.

If the game doesn't load for you, and you see a blank area, even after waiting for 5 mins (some games are very large, up to 16 Mb in size, and naturally take longer to load without showing anything), you should try clearing your browser's cache.

Why? Because it may hold an incorrect or incomplete file that prevents the game from loading properly. An incomplete file may become loaded if the connection between you and our server gets interrupted momentarily, or if you hit the ‘REFRESH’ or ‘RELOAD’ button on your browser before the game file had the chance to load in full. 

Q3.  Adobe Flash Player required? What is that message about? The game isn't loading for me, and the page seems to be hanging or is blank.. 
Some games on require free Adobe Flash Player software to play. 

How to play Flash games using Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer or Firefox for PC - 3 Steps:

A: Click on the "Secure" icon with the padlock on the left of your browser address bar (above our logo).

How to enable Flash

B: Click on the Allow dropdown menu for the Flash item, and select "Always Allow on this site."


How to enable Flash

C: You will have to Refresh / Reload the page to open the Flash Game file. We hope these steps work for you on your browser. If not, we find that it is more straightforward to play these Flash-based online games using Firefox, Edge or IE on your desktop. Thanks for playing games on



Q4.  Games Loading Slowly!
Some games are very large, up to 16 Mb in file size, and naturally take longer to load, without showing anything. A slow loading game may also be directly related to your internet connection speed. For example, a regular DSL or Cable internet connection takes 1-2 minutes to download a 16 Mb file.

Q5.  Java or Javascript message popped up on my screen. Why? What is that about?
If your computer browser gives you a message that you must have Java or Javascript to play this game, you should first check whether or not Javascript is enabled on your computer. You should visit these sites, and follow the guidelines there;
How to enable Javascript -, and how to install Java -

Q6.  How to make Unity type games run faster on Chrome browser?
Some games (HTML5 based playable on mobile and desktop) use Unity engine for some cool 3D graphics and that puts high demand for power. Extra power can be gained by enabling Hardware Acceleration in Chrome to boot performance of Unity Games. Got to Settings >Advanced > Use hardware acceleration when available > Close and reopen Chrome browser to reload settings.

Q7.  How to play HTML5 games on mobile or table full screen?
For horizontal type of games - just rotate your phone sideways and the game will go full screen (nearly). To make Chrome full screen on Android (only some Android versions have this functionality), follow these steps: Open Chrome browser. Go to Settings > Advanced settings > Site settings > Enable Full Screen. Now you should have game fully filling your screen. On vertical games - some games have a tiny icon at the bottom right corner to toggle it to full screen in vertical mode.