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Online Platform Action Game - Tempus Terminus

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Tempus Terminus is a clever, platform and thinking puzzle-based action adventure game with a cool twist: you must use a magical power to freeze time so that you can manipulate and arrange the environment to your advantage!

The goal on each level is straight-forward – to reach the Exit Portal. However, to do this, you must use an ancient power known as ‘Tempus’ to stop time itself. This then enables you to alter the game environment, create new platforms, reverse the direction of enemy bullets, and more!

Background info: Set on a faraway planet in the distant future, you play the role of a ‘Guardian’ of the ancient ‘Tempus Terminus’ artefact. This powerful relic gives the ‘Guardians’ the ability to stop and start time at their command! However, an army of Alliance Warriors is attempting to steal the artefact, and you must escape from their lair to ensure its safety.

This innovative and stimulating analytical thinking and problem-solving arcade game provides a combined test and exercise of both the mental and physical sides of game playing. Mentally, you must use good observation skills, logical thinking and strategic planning to figure out the best way to use your time-stoppage powers to your advantage. Physically, you need really smart reaction speed and keyboard control to maneuver your character around each enemy and obstacle-filled level.

How to Play: In each left-to-right side-scrolling level, your job is to simply guide your Guardian character to the black and white, swirl-shaped Exit Portal. Use Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to control your character's movement. When required, press Spacebar to activate ‘Terminus’ (stop time). When you want to re-start time, press Spacebar again.

When the time-stoppage action is in effect, you can move crates and boxes to create new platforms that help you reach awkward ledges and difficult-to-reach areas. You can also position crates above the heads of your foe, and re-start time to drop these crates as missile weapons.

The other key advantage to time stoppage is the ability to manipulate bullets fired by enemy soldiers. When time is stopped, you can use mid-air bullets as additional platforms. You can also reverse the bullet's direction, and use it as a weapon against the enemy soldiers. To do this, click on the bullet, and move your mouse cursor to maneuver the bullet's red directional arrow until it points toward the bad guys. Re-start time, and the bullet should hit its target, eliminating that soldier from the level.

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