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Ancient Rome Platform Adventure Game - Day of Valor

Rating: 7.4/10 - 2665 votes

“Hear ye, Hear ye – the Day of Valor has finally come! Calling all brave Roman Warriors and Gladiators – who among you has the strength, skill, and agility to overcome 20 of the most rigorous physical challenges that the Great City of Rome has to offer?”

Day of Valor is a challenging platform adventure game set in Ancient Rome where you play the role of a valiant Roman Warrior competing for gold medals in a series of 20 epic platform levels involving jumping, trident throwing, sword-wielding, and more. The Romans greatly valued physical strength and ability, and would often hold epic sporting events for its strongest and bravest men. It was a showcase for their mighty army – and now you can be part of the action - virtually!

This Ancient Rome warrior game should be a good fit for fans of games that require quick reactions, fast finger work, and expert timing. Each level takes place on elevated platforms and pillars – and one little mistake could see your Roman Gladiator fall into the abyss below! Have you got the mettle to tough it out – and go for gold? As the Romans used to say – ‘Carpe Diem’ – which means ‘seize the day’! Good luck Brave Warrior!

How to Play: In each of the 20 increasingly challenging levels, you must complete each of the set tasks in the quickest possible time. You either have to throw a trident (a three-pronged spear) at a target, or cut through a scarecrow-like dummy with your sword, or both. In early levels, there is only one target or dummy – but in later levels, there are multiple targets and dummies that all have to be ‘crossed off’ before you complete the level. Often, these are located in difficult-to-reach places like on high ledges and platforms.

To control your Roman Warrior's movement – use the A and D Keys on your computer keyboard; Left = (A), Right = (D). To jump, hit the J Key (press J twice to perform a double-jump). To wield your sword, hit the K Key, and to throw a Trident, hit your L Key. These controls take some time to get used to, so get plenty of practice before trying the harder levels (you can attempt any of the Levels 1 – 20 from the outset, they don’t have to be unlocked). Once you begin a level, the clock ticks along the top of the game screen. In the bottom left corner, the number of targets / dummies is indicated. Each time you hit / destroy one – it gets ‘crossed off’ with a big red X in the bottom left corner. The level is complete when all target / dummy Icons are crossed off. If you complete the level quickly, you earn Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals depending on your time. Try to achieve Gold in all 20 levels – but that’s certainly no mean feat!

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