Play Pixel Christmas, a free online festive-themed tetris-style game. Line up falling gifts, clear space and increase your score. A fun game for all ages.
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Holiday Tetris-Style Game - Pixel Christmas

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with Pixel Christmas, a delightful holiday-themed game that will fill your screen with a cascade of vibrant, pixelated gifts. This game is a unique twist on the classic Tetris, where you must strategically align the falling presents to clear space and rack up points. With its charming pixel art and cheerful Christmas music, Pixel Christmas is sure to bring joy to all players, regardless of age or gaming experience.

Pixel Christmas is not just a game, it's a fun-filled exercise for your brain! It challenges your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills as you figure out the best way to arrange the falling gifts. The game also enhances your hand-eye coordination and reflexes as you swiftly maneuver the presents using the game controls. As the game progresses, the gifts fall faster, testing your quick thinking and agility. So, while you're basking in the holiday cheer, you're also giving your cognitive and motor skills a good workout!

How to Play: The controls of Pixel Christmas are simple yet engaging. Use the Up Arrow key to rotate the falling gift, the Left/Right Arrow keys to move the gift sideways, and the Down Arrow key to speed up its descent. Your goal is to arrange the gifts in such a way that they form a complete line with no empty spaces. Successfully doing so will clear that line, free up space for more gifts, and add points to your score. The game ends when the pile of gifts reaches the top of the screen. So, plan your moves carefully and aim for the highest score!


Don't rush to drop the gifts. Take your time to rotate and position them correctly. A well-placed gift can clear multiple lines and earn you bonus points!

Keep an eye on the next gift preview. This will help you plan your moves in advance and avoid getting stuck with no space for the upcoming gift.

Try to clear more than one line at a time. This is called a 'Tetris' and it will give you a higher score than clearing single lines.

Pixel Christmas can be played on a PC with keyboard controls and is not compatible with mobile devices.

For the best gaming experience, play Pixel Christmas in full-screen mode. To activate full-screen mode, press the blue button at the bottom right corner before the game menu loads. If you don't see it anymore, refresh the page. To quit full-screen mode, press the Esc key.

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