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Fun World War II Fying Game - Plough the Skies

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Plough the Skies is a fun and action-packed military aircraft flying game where you have to eliminate as many ground and air forces as possible on a solo-run through enemy-occupied territory. Set during World War II at the height of the Allied bombing raids, you play the role of the legendary gunner pilot Wing Commander Chaplain of the British Royal Air Force. On a routine flight back to his aircraft carrier HMS Tally Ho, Wing Commander Chaplain is forced to fly over enemy-occupied France. Rather than avoid the conflict, Chaplain decides that this looks like an ample opportunity to engage the enemy, drop some explosives, and generally cause as much mayhem as possible!

This challenging arcade-style flying and shooting game is a true test of your steady hands, deft keyboard touch, courage, and your complete concentration. You need to keep your eyes and ears well and truly open as the skies are full of enemy aircraft while the ground is dotted with opposing tanks and troops. A flair for spectacular flying is a welcome attribute as increasingly outrageous maneuvers can yield more damaging consequences for the enemy! However, there are no fancy tricks or top-gun-style flips in this intense online flying adventure – just good old-fashioned military piloting! Good luck up there Wing Commander!

How to Play: Each increasingly challenging level takes place over the same stretch of enemy-occupied land and sea. However, as you progress, more enemy aircraft and ground troops are added to make the challenge more difficult. Your ultimate goal is to survive the entire flight, and to land safely back on your aircraft carrier. In between, we recommend that you try to eliminate as many enemy forces as possible in order to score points toward your total! You can use these points to upgrade your aircraft and weapons at the end of each level.

Your aircraft flies automatically from left to right across the side-scrolling game screen. Press the Up and Down Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to increase / decrease altitude, while the Right and Left Arrows increase / decrease your speed. Press and hold the A Key to fire your default gun weapon, and press your S Key to drop bombs. If you collide with another aircraft, the ground, or a building, your plane explodes, and you lose a life. You have 3 spare lives in total, and once these are used, it’s game over. Your default gun weapon has an unlimited number of bullets, but you have a limited amount of drop-able bombs (indicated by the number next to the bomb icon at the top of the game screen).

Note: You have to land safely on your own aircraft carrier (highlighted by a British flag) to complete the level. To land safely, slow down as much as possible on your approach, and lightly touch your plane off of the runway. If you think you might not land softly, press the E Key to eject and float safely down to the ship’s deck.

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