Hotel management game online free for PC, Mac, iPad with no download. Business simulation games - Play a fun, hotel tycoon game for teens, kids (girls, boys), high school students & college students on the internet, where you learn about money management, hotel interior design & business.
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Hotel Management Game Online - Theme Hotel

Rating: 8.5/10 - 62496 votes

Theme Hotel is a challenging construction and management simulation game for older kids and teens where your goal is to build and maintain a *Five-Star* hotel.  Start from scratch and raise your hotel to a world-class standard.  This game helps you to learn the essential skills of managing a business while also exercising your creative engineering side, as you have to construct your own hotel as you progress. 

This manager role-playing game is very effective in aiding your ability to multi-task, as well as testing how well you work under pressure.  Build accessible rooms for your guests, manage finances and hire a staff to maintain the hotel. Make your guests' stay as enjoyable as possible to earn positive reviews, and increase your *Star* rating.  If you keep your hotel running smoothly, you’ll be well on your way to making it a luxury, *5-star* resort!

How to Play: Follow the game’s tutorial to get to grips with the various duties that you have in your role as hotel manager.  The buttons at the bottom of your game screen perform tasks for you, so click on them using your computer mouse.  First, you have to construct your hotel.  Use the Build tool to build receptions, guestrooms, cafés and laundry services.  Don’t forget to build elevator shafts so your guests can access these rooms.  After that, click the Staff tool and follow the instructions to hire receptionists, waiters and maids to keep the hotel clean.

Try not to go over budget, building and hiring costs money – so keep an eye on your virtual money total in the bottom left of the game screen.  If you do run out of available cash-flow, you can get a loan from the bank by clicking on the + button beside your virtual money total.  Keep expanding your hotel to earn more Stars.  Pretty soon, you’ll be a 5-Star Hotel Manager!  

Tip: To find out what is good about your hotel, click the Reviews button at the bottom of the game area.  Here, guests leave comments and feedback on what they like or dislike about your hotel.  This is a good place to go to see where you need to make improvements.  For example, a guest might say "good service, but there is always a queue at the laundry".  In this case, for example, you would build an extra laundry room.

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