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Hotel Management Game Online - Habbo Clicker

Rating: 8.5/10 - 69826 votes

Habbo Clicker is a hotel management game that will quickly suck you in. With multiple ways to play and countless approaches to running your hotel, this is a game that you won't put down quickly.

The game requires skill and even some instruction. It isn't about simply pressing buttons mindlessly. No, you have to put forethought and effort into each move if you really want to succeed. However, that is part of what makes the game so fun. It feels like a full, deep and complicated game. You have to invest time and energy and that makes success all the more rewarding.

How to Play: You will be the manager of a hotel. At the game's launch, every room is empty and full of possibility. It is your job to fill each room with items that will earn coins and fill your bank. The more coins you have, the more you can expand your hotel and bring in new guests. Money will start flowing in shortly but you have to decide the best way to grow your hotel. More money means more responsibility.

This game is gorgeous to look at and is full of wonderful detail and art. But don't get lost in it. An important tip to remember is to keep tabs on the money coming in. Make sure to constantly be cashing out the items that are raising revenue for you. It is the only way your hotel can function. Don't just sit back and watch. Sit back and earn, earn, earn.

The controls are all about tapping. Tap on a character to see his or her statistics. Click on an item to see how much money it is making for you. Click on an upgrade button to evolve your choices and make more money. On PC, tapping is replaced with clicking the mouse.

Launching the game is easy as can be but you will sit through a short story screen before the game arrives at your hotel. From there a brief tutorial will begin. Follow the instructions given to you and press the detailed buttons and you will soon be running your hotel.

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