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Edu-inter Language School in Quebec:
Edu-inter is a French language school for teens (10 to 17 years old) and adults (16 years+) located in downtown Quebec City, Canada. Edu-inter offers year-round French immersion programs and summer French courses. Our French programs are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; consequently they coincide with programs offered by the Alliance Française and prepare students for examinations recognized around the world, such as the DELF, DALF, TEFaQ, TFI and TCF. We offer 7 levels of French courses, from complete beginner to advanced, in reduced class settings to facilitate personalized instruction.

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French Immersion Programs for Adults & Youth (16 years+)
Beginner to advanced learners

Photo of French Immersion Programs in Quebec, Canada• Core French
• Intensive French
• Super Intensive French
• Exam Preparation for DELF, TFI, TEFaQ
• French Conversation Classes
• Private French Lessons
• French & Music
• French & Volunteering
• French & Work
• Business French
• Summer French Courses
• Winter French Courses

Our French courses are complemented by a wide range of planned excursions and activities, which you can join on an "a la carte" basis if you wish to.

Core French Course:
Course Duration: 1-52 weeks. 15 hours of French classes per week.

In these morning classes, you will learn the key French language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In addition, you will study grammar and phonetics.

Your afternoons are free, giving you plenty of time to explore Quebec City, and discover all of its historical, cultural, and gastronomic attractions.

Intensive French Course:
Course Duration: 1-52 weeks. 22.5 hours of French classes per week. 

Image of French Immersion Programs in Quebec, CanadaThis program combines French language classes in the mornings with conversation workshops in the afternoons. 

Our French conversation classes provide you with the opportunity to further develop your oral fluency. You will cover typical day-to-day scenarios, or themes relating to current events, cinema, literature, music, or culture.

Super-Intensive French Course:
Course Duration: 1-52 weeks. 27.5 hours of French classes per week. 

Ideal for students who need immediate results, this program combines French language classes and French conversation workshops with an hour of semi-private lessons every day.

These semi-private French lessons can be customized to meet your specific needs and interests, and can cover topics related to your field of studies or workplace.

Exam Preparation Courses - DELF, TFI, TEFaQ 
Course Duration: 1-12 weeks. 22.5 hours of French classes per week. 

Increase your chances of earning a high score in the following internationally-recognized French language exams - DELF, TFI, TEFaQ. Combine French language classes in the mornings with exam preparation workshops in the afternoon.

Business French Course:
Course Duration: 1-52 weeks. 22.5 hours of French classes per week. 

If you need to improve your French language skills to work effectively in a French business environment, this program will equip you with the practical, professional, and linguistic tools you need to succeed.
The program comprises:
- French Classes: Following international standards., these classes will provide you with an excellent foundation in the French language.
- Business Workshop: With a focus on business vocabulary and context, this conversation workshop also allows students to exchange strategies, techniques and ideas.

Business French Courses for Companies:
If you would like private or group French classes for your staff, please email us below. Classes can take place at our schools or at your premises.

Learn French and Volunteer:
Course Duration: 2-52 weeks. 15 hours of French courses + 10-20 hours of volunteering per week. 

Photos of Edu-inter Language School in QuebecCombining French classes with a volunteering project and accommodation with a host family means that students live a true French immersion experience.

Designed to help you to develop your French language skills, the volunteering projects are varied and offer a fantastic complement for short to medium-term study periods.

Learn French and Work Program:
For Canadians and international students who already have a working holiday visa. This program offers students the opportunity to attain near native fluency in the French language, as well as paid work experience.

The French & Work experience program allows students to put into practice the French language skills they learn in their classes in an entirely francophone environment, to gain valuable work experience in a French-speaking environment and to earn money to subsidize their stay in Quebec.

This program includes 3 hours workshops that focus on developing vocabulary for the French-speaking workplace, how to write a resume for French-speaking employers, how to conduct an interview in French and teaches you about the Quebec workplace culture.

You will be able to find an entry level job with one of our partners in the service industry such as restaurants, coffee shops and hotels. The minimum wage is $11.25 per hour.

Students find their own job You need to register at least 3 months with us for the Intensive French program. We include 3 hours of preparation workshops to help you in the interview with employers. You will have to contact the employers yourself and find a job by yourself.

Work Experience Students work on a part-time or full-time basis (between 20-35 hrs / week) therefore being fully immersed in the French language and life in Quebec City.

- French Courses:
Our French courses give participants a foundation in French that will allow them to function in a French-speaking work environment. The program also initially includes conversation workshops which are designed to develop oral fluency skills.

As the participant’s linguistic skills improve, the course load diminishes and eventually ends, once the participant becomes entirely independent. 

French and Music Course:
Course Duration: 1-52 weeks. 15 hours of French classes + 10-15 hours of music training per week.

Combine quality French language classes with music lessons offered at the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec. Classes are available for most instruments and include group classes, private teaching, and supervised practice. 

Winter French Camp for Teens and Adults:
Picture of French Immersion Programs in Quebec, CanadaLearn French while discovering Quebec City in Winter! This program/package combines French classes with afternoon sports and cultural activities.

Dog sledding, outdoor spa experience, alpine skiing etc. Students live in student residence or with a host family. Package per week. 

French & Higher Education (Career/Technical programs)
Program Duration: 1 to 3 years

In partnership with the Merici private college, Edu-inter offers career/technical programs of 1 or 3 years that allows its graduates to enter the workforce.

AEC (1-year program): Supervision in Tourism, Accommodation and Restaurant, Events and Convention Management, Restaurant Management, Adventure Tourism.

DEC (3 years program): Special Care Counselling, Hotel Management, Tourism, Restaurant Management, Orthotics and Prosthetic.

Students study French at Edu-inter to gain the required level of French to enter these technical programs. Diplomas of College of Studies (3 years programs) allow students to work part time during their study and apply for their Canadian permanent residence.

A minimum level of French (B1) is required to enter the programs. If you want to improve your French before starting your studies, we offer a vast variety of programs to prepare you. 

Summer French Immersion Programs for Adults & Youth (16+)
Images of Edu-inter Language School in Quebec• French for FLE Teachers (1-4 weeks)
• French & Cooking (1-7 weeks)
• French & Dramatic Arts (1-6 weeks)

Summer French Courses for Children & Teenagers (ages 10-17)
• French & Multi-activity Camp
• French & Cooking
• French & Dramatic Arts
• French & Tennis
• French & Music
• French & Horse Riding
• French & Circus
• French & Dance
• French & Soccer
• French & Hockey

Student Reviews / Testimonials:
•  "I was very impressed with Edu Inter and the assessment put me in exactly the right class. My teachers were very nice and helpful. Everyone is there to help you, including those who work in the cafeteria, as they spoke at a slightly slower pace.

Being on campus is like being in a completely French environment. I learned a lot this past week and look forward to returning!
Teresa, Canada

•  "My host family went above and beyond to make my stay enjoyable and comfortable. I will never forget the special memories I made with them. I recommend this 5 star program to anyone, you won't be disappointed!"
Zandra, USA

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