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Preschool / Elementary / High School in Los Angeles

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Delphi Academy of Los Angeles:
Delphi Academy of Los Angeles is an independent, coeducational, non-sectarian day school offering a preschool through high school program on one campus. Our campus is located in the foothills of the Angeles National Forest in the equestrian community of Lake View Terrace in the San Fernando Valley region. Academics focus on providing students with a solid grounding in the basics, a rich and challenging hands-on curriculum, and the ability to study purposefully and independently. Delphi Academy of Los Angeles admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

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Academic Programs for K-12 Students:

• Preschool (24 months - 6 years):

Our young students are divided into groups by age: Mini Dragons: 24 months - 3 years; Little Dragons: 3 years - 4 years; Big Dragons: 4 years - 5 years; Mighty Dragons: 5 years - 6 years.

At Delphi Academy Preschool, our dedicated teachers create a warm and nurturing environment that makes every child feel loved and secure at all time.

Recognizing that each child is unique and develops individually, we believe in hands on experience, learning creatively and learning through play.

Photo of Preschool / Elementary / High School in Los AngelesSubjects include:
- Emotional Development
- Social Development
- Cognitive Development
- Physical Development
- Aesthetic Development
- Pre-Reading
- Pre-Writing
- Math
- Science
- Art
- Music
- Computers
- Health & Safety

• Lower School:

Lower School includes Beginner 1 through Form 2, roughly equivalent to kindergarten through third grade.

Instead of forcing a child into the “one-size-fits all” of traditional school programs, our unique program is designed to suit each individual student.

This means never having to slow down for his or her peers, or being rushed through a subject without fully understanding it - everyone learns at their own pace.

Getting started with a positive attitude about the whole learning experience is vital. We find that our amazing program results in students who love to study, love attending school, and are free to advance at a much quicker pace than in traditional school programs.

Image of Preschool / Elementary / High School in Los AngelesOur comprehensive Lower School curriculum teaches basic skills, with the greatest emphasis being placed on writing, reading, and mathematics, surrounded by a broad experiential program.

Lower School students also study science, geography, history, art, music, poetry, and drama - all designed with an integrated approach. In addition, they are taught communication skills from a young age, and given tools to work their problems out kindly in order to maintain a healthy and happy school experience.

The Lower School athletic program offers two physical education classes a day.

• Elementary School

Forms 3 and 4, covering the equivalent of fourth through sixth grades

After meeting with the student, and determining their learning goals and interests, we develop a personal program for them. On completion of the Elementary School program, he or she will be fully prepared for success in Middle School and beyond.

Our elementary school program comprises a well-rounded curriculum with great focus placed on understanding the material and ability to fully apply what is learned. Students only move on to more difficult subject matter when they have fully mastered the earlier step.

Academics focus on the basics - reading, writing, mathematics and study skills. There is also a special emphasis on life skills and practical application.

Other Subjects:
- Science & Technology
- Geography & History
- Research
- Life Skills, Ethics & Integrity
- Foreign Language (generally Spanish)
- Elementary Arts (art, music, dance and drama)
- Field Trips
- Projects
- Elementary Athletics

• Middle School
Forms 5 & 6, covering the equivalent of seventh & eighth grades

Photos of Delphi Academy of Los AngelesDuring these years, students undergo the critical transition period from competency in the basics of writing, reading, and mathematics to undertaking more serious academic study.

Our objective is to maintain and raise the standards of the basic tools they learned earlier, helping them to become more independent and focused as students and get an increased conceptual understanding of how academic subjects integrate and relate to real life.

Subjects include:
- Mathematics & Technology
- Sciences (covering Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Microscopes and Microbes and Electricity)
- Geography, History, Government and Current Events
- Literature
- Writing
- Foreign Language (usually Spanish or French)
- Life Skills, Ethics & Integrity
- Middle School Arts (art, music and drama become electives)
- Field Trips
- Projects
- Middle School Athletics

• High School:
Freshman through Senior Levels

Picture of Preschool / Elementary / High School in Los AngelesIn High School, every student is provided with a tailor-made program designed to set them up to pursue their goals in life. The study skills they have learned at Delphi are perfected and honed to the point there they can literally learn any subject, leading to success in further education or any career path they choose to follow.

As well as rounding out their academic studies in mathematics, literature, science, writing, history and government, High School students gain practical experience and understanding in the subjects of leadership, integrity and logic, as well as organizational skills and management.

By taking on tasks of increased responsibility, which require higher and higher levels of competence, they also become a vital element in the functioning of the school.

By their junior year, students select one of four major areas to study more intensively - Business, Fine Arts, Humanities, or Science & Technology. In addition to the standard program of required core courses, they focus on academic study and practical experience related to that specific area.

Subjects include:
- Literature
- Mathematics & Technology (Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Math, Technology)
- Writing & Public Speaking
- History, Government & Current Events
- Applied Philosophy & Logic (The Logic Series, Education, Leadership, Life Skills, Ethics & Integrity, Family Education and Health)
- Business
- Practical Application (Projects, Apprenticeships)
- High School Arts (Art, Music & Theater Electives)
- High School Sports

Entry Level:

Graduates of Form 5 (Middle School) move directly into the High School Freshman Level. If you are a student newly entering Delphi in the High School, you will begin with the Freshman Entry Level. This serves to orient you to the study methods taught at Delphi, while filling in any “holes” from previous academic programs.

Summer Programs:

• Lower School - Grades K-3

Summer camp programs for lower school students are based on weekly themes:

Images of Delphi Academy of Los Angeles- Art Week
- Geography Week
- Fun with Food
- Under the Sea
- On the Farm
- Science Week
- Sports Week
- Dinosaur Week
- Bug and Insect Week
- Water Play every Monday afternoon

• Elementary School, Middle School & High School - Grades 4-12
With a range of different camp options each week, participants may choose a workshop for the morning period (9-12) and a different workshop for the afternoon (1-4).

Weekly workshops include:

- Academics (Offered every week, morning and afternoon)
- Art (At least one choice per week): Watercolors, Acrylic Painting, Pen and Ink, Stone Carving, Mixed Media, The Secrets of Drawing, Photoshop, Illustrator & more..
- Candle making / Soap Making
- Cooking (Offered every week)
- Cross Stitching
- Drama
- Egg Painting
- Jewelry Making
- Paper Making
- Quilting
- Scrapbooking
- Woodshop & more..

English Immersion for International Students:

Homestay accommodation with local host families is available.

• English Immersion Program for International Students (Academic Year)
Learn English while attending classes with American students! Designed for children and teenagers at elementary school, middle school and high school level, this English immersion program is ideal for those who wish to pursue an American education.

By attending an American school and participating in the same classes as native English-speaking students, international students are fully immersed in the English language and American culture.

Students can choose to study for a full academic year or more, or complete a shorter program.

• English Immersion Camps (Spring, Summer & Winter - 4 weeks to 3 months)

Our English immersion camps are designed to immerse international students in the English language through participation in classes, workshops and fun activities with the rest of the student body at Delphi Academy.

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