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AquaSkills Swim Lessons, NYC:
As seen in The New York Times: Learn to swim and/or improve stroke technique and your endurance with the AquaSkillsⓇ method, a unique integration of the skills of Adrian Ginju, a former member of the Romanian Olympic Swim Team, and Lori Pailet, a professional Aquatic Exercise instructor (AEA) and American Red Cross certified to deliver ultimately responsible swim classes. Established in 2004, AquaSkills is a highly successful private Swim School located in Lower Manhattan, and a leader in swim education throughout NYC.

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Year-Round Swim Classes offered by AquaSkills include:

Photo of Swimming Lessons for Kids & Adults in New York City- Adult swim classes
- Kids' swim classes (ages 4+)
- Overcoming Fear of Water (Aqua Phobia)
- Non-Swimmers
- Beginner swim classes (all ages)
- Beginner swim classes (for adults)
- Intermediate Swimmer
- Breathing Techniques
- Level 1-6 Learn to Swim
- Advanced Stroke improvement
- Freestyle
- Backstrokes
- Breaststroke
- Flip Turns, Turns, Butterfly
- Aqua Exercise
- Endurance
- Lap Swimming
- Fitness swimming
- Triathlon Swim Prep
- Competitive Swim Team Prep
- ly Bird Swim Classes for adults of all levels from 6am onward, private or semi-private, weekdays and weekends

Program Descriptions:

Intro Swim class

This swim class is designed for adults or children that need to become oriented with swimming. The first approach is learning the basics for Water Safety. This includeds floating, treading, breathing techniques and proper kick and arm movements for all 5 styles of swimming.

Beginner Swim classes (all ages)
Image of Swimming Lessons for Kids & Adults in New York CityStudents learn water safety and the basics of swimming through guided discovery. The instructor goes in the water with the students and demonstrates. Students learn by example.
Class Objectives: Water Safety - For Students to swim and float without flotation devices - Students to build confidence and build motor skills.

Beginner Swim classes cover:
- Water Safety
- Floating
- Treading
- Breathing Techniques
- Intro to Freestyle, Backstroke, Breastroke, (Butterfly optional)

Class is either 6-8 weeks up to 12 weeks depending upon ability and frequency

Adult Beginner Swim classes

Students learn the basics of swimming as well as the principles of the physics of swimming. Covers floating, breathing treading water freestyle and or breaststroke. Class introduces all basic aspects of safety and swimming. Float Breathing techniques, freestyle, backstroke and breastroke.

Class Objective: Confident that student will be able to navigate distance without flotation devices and to coordinate breathing with their movements as they swim.

Overcoming Fear of Water (Aqua Phobia) lessons
- Intro Class with Instructor
- Relaxation Techniques
- Gentle Approach
- Fun & Games incorporated with learning objectives

Customized classes designed for each individual’s needs and requirements. Student and Instructor first complete a one hour long intro-session before determination of class length.

Intermediate Swim classes
Photos of AquaSkills Swim Lessons, NYCStudent is ready to make a transition to stroke improvement and refining specific styles of swimming. Students learn Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, lap swimming, efficient turns and breathing techniques.

Stroke Improvement classes
Students learn eficient breathing techniques coordinated with styles of swimming, efficient flip turns & building time and endurance.

Advanced Stroke Improvement classes
Develop efficiency with one or all swim styles including:
- Freestyle
- Backstroke
- Breastroke
- Butterfly
- Flip Turns

Fitness Swim classes (All Ages)
Customized classes incorporate swim skilPicture of Swimming Lessons for Kids & Adults in New York Cityls with water aerobic exercises and aqua-pilates moves. They also include lap swimming and stroke definition.

Age Groups: Children: 4-6, 5-8, 8-15.  Adults: Up to 100 years

- Private or semi private (2) classes / up to 4 children for group
- Ratio one instructor per up to 3-4 students for group
- Classes are scheduled to be 1 hour long. Customized length by special request
- Parents can also take classes with their children from ages 4 and up.

Students can coordinate their own members for semi-private or small group classes for 100% flexibility of schedule. All sessions are scheduled to be 1 hour long. The number of classes / weeks is determined after the intro class.

Competitive Swimming lessons (All Ages)
Students learn drills, tips, building endurance and time with refinement of strokes and techniques.

Competitive Swim / Triathlon Swim lessons (All Ages)
- Prep for Swim Team
- Prep for Triathlon
- Drills-Lap Swimming
- Endurance
- Build Time
- Stroke Refinement
- Technique / Form
- Maximize Efficiency and Skill

Student Testimonial: 
"I just completed my first 10 lessons with a wonderful swim instructor- Craig. From my very first lesson, he made me feel comfortable and immediately helped me overcome my fear of water. I remember entering the class thinking there's no way I will be able to float, let alone, exhale underwater. I am happy to say, 10 lessons later, not only am I able to float and exhale underwater, I'm able to swim across their pool- a goal I didn't expect to achieve with just 10 lessons.

Craig has always been so patient and really listens to what you have to say. He uses that to help you find your comfort zone and overcome any obstacle inhibiting you from progressing in your swimming abilities. Lori and Judith are sweethearts as well. They're patient and devoted to their profession. I have recommended Aqua Skills to my family and friends. You guys are truly amazing."

-  Angelica

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