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Adirondack Learning Academy - Accredited Homeschool Online Programs:
If you are searching for an accredited homeschool for your child or teenager, Adirondack Learning Academy (ALA) may provide the ideal solution for you. Based in Florida, we offer high-quality, NCAA-approved online homeschooling programs for K-12 students living in Tennessee and nationwide. A homeschool diploma is awarded to high school seniors on successful completion of the online study program.

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Why Choose Homeschooling?

Photo of Accredited Online K12 School - Tennessee & NationwideThere are many reasons why a parent may decide that learning from the comfort of their own home is the best option for their child:

• You may find that your child or teenager is not sufficiently challenged by the learning environment at school, and feel that they would receive a better education at home.
• Your child may be the victim of bullying, teasing, school violence, or negative peer pressure.
• You may have objections to the Common Core Curriculum.
• Your family may need to travel regularly, making it impossible for your child to attend a traditional school.
• Your child may have learning disabilities and/or special needs.
• Many studies have found that homeschooled children outperform their peers on standardized tests. In fact, the ACT and SAT scores of homeschoolers are higher than those of public school students.
• Flexible, accredited online education to meet your in-home study needs.
• Homeschooling is an excellent way to ensure that parents are an active part of their children’s lives as they grow, and helps to forge strong family bonds.

Why Choose Adirondack Learning Academy? :

Image of Accredited Online K12 School - Tennessee & Nationwide
 Quality Accredited Programs
ALA is accredited by the National Independent Study Accreditation Council (NISAC) which has accredited homeschool, independent study and distance learning programs since 1997.

• Value for Money
For a fraction of the cost of a top private school, ALA offers a top-rated curriculum, certified teachers, a mentoring program, and college placement services.

• Customized Teaching
We recognize that each child is an individual. Therefore, we provide customized instruction for students at all levels, with course content tailored to suit their learning style, interests, and educational goals.

 Personal Attention
Studies have proven that the smaller the student-teacher ratio, the better the student performs. The primary benefit of homeschooling is the one-to-one student-teacher ratio. In addition, each child is assigned their own personal learning coach who monitors their progress.

 Programs for Students with Special Needs / Learning Disabilities
Students with special needs have the opportunity to receive speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy through our school.

 Online Access 24/7
We provide anytime online access to our online courses. Tailored to appeal to today’s web-savvy kids, this makes studying convenient for all schedules.

Online Homeschool Programs for K-12 Students:

• Homeschooling curriculum for kindergarten, elementary school, middle school & high school
• Homeschool diploma awarded to high school seniors on successful completion of the program
• Advance Placement (AP) classes
• College preparation assistance
• Individualized curriculum with each student assigned their own personal learning coach
• Single classes and summer classes are also available

Student Reviews / Testimonials:

•  “I like how it’s flexible and understanding with your schedule, yet you still learn a lot and on your own time. It moves and work with you, while always teaching you something. ALA saved me from a boring high school life so I could follow my dreams and still get an education! It’s a wonderful thing."

•  “My classes work for me.  If I don't understand something, my teacher can give me a different assignment. I know I am still learning but the work is not as hard for me.  My teacher took the time to get to know me and how I like to learn.  She listened to me so I would not be frustrated with school.”

•  “I have my own teacher who knows me and teaches me my courses so I always feel like I am learning.  My teacher makes my assignments interesting. I always want to do my school work!  I like that I can see my teacher and ask her questions whenever I need to."

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