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Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Adirondack Learning Academy - K-12 Online Homeschool Programs: • A complete online learning experience developed by top educators. • Includes core courses, electives, assessment applications, and administrative tools to facilitate teaching and learning in an online environment. • Our rigorous core, elective and career-technical courses meet the needs of every student. • Homeschool...
Jackson, Mississippi, USA
Adirondack Learning Academy - Online Homeschool Programs: - For students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade Features include: • Rigorous core, elective and career-technical courses • Anytime online access • Complete online learning experience • Customizable, personal curriculum • Engaging lessons • Interactive digital content • Student-driven assignments
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Adirondack Learning Academy - Online Homeschool Programs for K-12 Students: - Homeschooling curriculum for kindergarten, elementary school, middle school & high school • Includes core courses, elective courses, and career-technical courses • Advance Placement (AP) classes • College preparation assistance • Individualized curriculum with each student assigned their own personal...