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Online MBA Program from University Canada West, BC

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University Canada West - Online MBA Degree:
University Canada West (UCW) is a private, business-oriented university in Vancouver which offers MBA and Bachelor degrees that prepare you to be an effective leader in the workplace. UCW aims to be a leading university in Canada and on a global stage and is known for its diversity (students currently come from over 34 countries around the world), its innovative methods and its effectiveness in preparing motivated students for their professional careers. As well as an MBA program for Canadian and international students, we also offer an online MBA Foundation Program option for students do not have professional or academic qualifications but want to pursue an MBA program at UCW.

Online Master of Business Administration:

Photo of Online MBA Program from University Canada West, BC
Online MBA Program

The online MBA syllabus develops knowledge in core areas such as leadership, critical thinking, project planning and a range of other advanced business disciplines. Students will benefit from our highly-experienced faculty who will encourage open debate and active student participation, while also offering continuous guidance and feedback.

Upon completion of this ACBSP-accredited course, graduates will be able to make strategic decisions in response to challenges within the business world.

Through learning how to confidently manage a team and by gaining problem-solving skills, students will be trained to become effective leaders in their field.

Benefits of studying online

Online study offers many advantages, from flexible study schedules to HD video lectures and access to a wealth of online resources. You will be able to fit your course around your daily commitments while staying as prepared as those who have studied on campus.

Thanks to the flexibility that online study offers, this method of learning is becoming increasingly popular Students are able to develop personally and professional while obtaining an academic qualification. This will make you more prepared when it comes to securing employment in a managerial position.

Why study online MBA?
• Enjoy a flexible study schedule
• Develop professionally and personally during your studies
• Join an international network of students
• Access to high-quality e-learning resources

Course Structure

The online MBA offer the same structure as the on-campus course, differing only in delivery method. This program is ideal for those who struggle to fit an on-campus program around their daily commitments.
UCW’s online MBA offer the same materials and covers the same syllabus as the on-campus alternative, Students are able to refine their knowledge and gain specialist skills by choosing one of three elective courses in the areas of Marketing, Finance or Leadership.

The MBA content is delivered online via:
• Dynamic video content
• Business case studies within a global context
• Precise and informative study materials
• One-to-one contact with your professor via email and skype

Online MBA Course Structure:

Tier 1: Analytical Foundations

• Business Environment, Ethics & Strategy
• Leadership in the Global Context
• Human Interfaces
• Research Methodologies & Inquiry

Tier 2 Management Principles & Practices
• Managerial Accounting
• Human Resource Management in the Global Environment or Canadian Human Resource Management
• Marketing Management
• Operations Management

Tier 3 Business Applications

• Financial Management
• Consulting Practice
• Project Management
• Two electives

Tier 4 Integration & Implementation
• Consulting/Research Project or Strategic Management
• One elective

Elective Clusters
You can select from the following electives from one of the elective clusters in Marketing, Finance or Leadership, to gain specialized skills and knowledge.

Online MBA Foundation Program option:
We understand that some students do not have the professional or academic qualifications but wish to pursue the MBA program. Students have the option of completing the three MBA Foundation courses.  In order to qualify for admission to the Online MBA program, students will need to earn a grade of B (GPA 3.0) or better on each Foundation course.

The MBA Foundation includes courses in the following areas:

MBAF 501 – Business & Academic Writing
MBAF 502 – Quantitative Skills for Business
MBAF 504 – Economics from a Business Perspective

Address: West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1V9, Canada