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ID Tech Camps:
Give your child or teenager an unforgettable summer experience with iD Tech Camps - America’s #1 Tech Camp! internalDrive, Inc. provides its hugely-popular summer iD Tech Camps for kids and teens in over 80 prestigious universities across the USA, including Stanford, MIT, Northwestern, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Emory, and UCLA. iD Tech Camps provides week-long day camps for ages 7-17 and week-long overnight camps for ages 10-17. In addition, the iD Programming Academy, iD Gaming Academy, and iD Film Academy provide 2-week, pre-college programs for ages 13-18. We welcome international students.

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iD Tech Camps - Summer Programs for Kids & Teens ages 7-18:
Please note that programs vary by location. Accredited Continuing Education Units are available from all iD Academy locations. You can choose to enrol for one or several weeks of camps.

- iD Tech Camps
Week-long day camps for ages 7-17 & week-long overnight camps for ages 10-17
Photo of Summer Computer Programming / Tech Camps in the U.S.Gain real-world tech skills and prepare for the future! Technology and fun are at the core of every iD Tech Camp, where students engage both in STEM learning and enjoyable camp activities. You can choose from more than 40 programs which use the most up-to-date technologies from Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft, Google, and other industry leaders. Summer programs include computer programming camps, app development, graphic and digital arts camps, game design, game modding, video editing / movie camps, animation, photography and robotics camps.

iD Tech Camps utilize an innovative curriculum with Autodesk Maya, C++, Minecraft, iOS, Android, Java, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Muse, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Scratch, RPG Maker, VEX, Unity, Portal 2, Torchlight II, ShootMania, Team Fortress 2, and more. Each program includes project-based courses with an emphasis on experiential learning, building 21st century skills. You will take home your own project portfolio at the end of each session.

- iD Programming Academy2-week overnight camp for beginner to advanced students ages 13-18 
Immerse yourself in the world of computer science! Designed for students with previous programming experience, the iD Programming Academy is ideal for those who are looking to take their coding skills to a new level and gain a competitive advantage for college and beyond. Taught by elite faculty, you will increase your your understanding of application development, tour a major app development studio, get a taste of the collegiate lifestyle, while meeting new friends.

Choose from courses built around Minecraft, Java, Google Android, iPhone, iPad and more. All graduates leave with a portfolio and the tools they need to excel in their future career.

- iD Game Design & Development Academy 
2-week overnight camp for beginner to advanced students ages 13-18
Image of Summer Computer Programming / Tech Camps in the U.S.Immerse yourself in the creative world of video game production! Taught by real indie game designers, developers, and 3D artists, this intensive pre-college program gives you an idea of what it would be like to create, code, design, and develop video games for a living. 

Learn Maya Unlimited,  Microsoft XNA for the Xbox 360, Microsoft, Photoshop CS4, Visual Studio Express, and the Unreal Engine 3. Take a tour of a big-name game development studio, and meet industry professionals. You will leave with your very own portfolio, and the tools to excel in the rapidly expanding field of game development.

- iD Film Academy
2-week overnight camp for beginner to advanced students ages 13-18
Suitable for beginner through advanced students, this intensive filmmaking and post-production program will immerse you in the vibrant world of visual arts. Choose from courses built around Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and more. Put your creativity to use, tour a big-name studio, and go on fun off-site excursions.

Taught by top tier instructors with an insider’s knowledge of the film industry and festival circuit, you use the industry-standard editing programs Apple, Final Cut Studio, 2 and Adobe, After Effects, CS4 to produce and edit an amazing documentary of your experience! You will graduate with a photography or film portfolio and the tools to excel in the field of visual arts. Meet new friends, and get a taste of the collegiate lifestyle.

Programs offered vary by location. Please email via our Contact Us page to find out more about programs and locations in your chosen state.

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