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Image of ISLS - Spanish Institute ISLS - Spanish Institute:
ISLS, The Institute for Spanish Language Studies, is a world leader in Youth Spanish Immersion Programs. We offer unique educational summer programs for teens in Costa Rica that combine Volunteer, Adventure Tours and Surfing with intensive Spanish classes in Turrialba and Playa Dominical. A one of a kind Children's Spanish, Sports, Art and Adventure Camp is also held in Playa Tamarindo on the northwestern Pacific coast. Teen camps are for 14 to 17 year olds and the children's camp is for 6 to 12 year olds.

Location and Facilities:


Photo of Spanish Summer Camp in Costa Rica 1. Playa Dominical:

Our Teen Spanish and Surf Camp is held in Dominical which is on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica and is one of the country's most beautiful uncut gems, Dominical with a population of approximately 700 permanent residents. From its turquoise green water to its fiery red and gold sunsets, the natural beauty of the area is second to none.

The town sits on the Pacific Ocean bordered to the north by the Rio Baru, on the east by three thousand foot high mountains and to the south by dark, coffee brown, beaches and coves. One of the most striking features of Dominical can be found while swimming in the water, the town simply disappears. All you see are the tall beach palms and mangroves surrounded by verdant green hills reaching up into the mountains.

Dominical has been known for many years to the international surfing community because of its consistently good waves. Only recently has it been discovered by those people attracted to its natural beauty.

In a country full of beautiful vistas and lush tropical landscapes, this area not only holds its own, it shines. Dominical, the quiet little out of the way place that's not so out of the way.


Image of ISLS - Spanish Institute 2. Playa Tamarindo:

Our Children's Spanish, Sports, Art and Adventure Camp is held in Playa Tamarindo - a small but bustling beach community in the northwest Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Located in the tropical dry forest, Tamarindo has some of the countries best year round weather. It offers first class deep sea fishing, sailing, surfing, golf, tours, turtle watching, diving, horseback riding, canopy tours, boat rides and much more.

It is a multi-cultural community that attracts visitors from around the world. There are markets, bakeries, an outdoors vegetable market and more than 40 restaurants as well as a number of banks and ATM machines and numerous internet cafes. The cuisine is as diverse as the many different restaurants, from vegetarian and typical Costa Rican to Italian and sea food. There is a wide range of accommodation for every budget, from low cost hostels all the way to luxurious beach-front resorts.

In Tamarindo the sun shines most days, and the temperature is in the high 80’s to mid 90’s so is warm year round. During the rainy season, from May through October, it is normal for it to rain in the afternoon, which helps cool down the temperature. At the end of the day the sunsets are breathtaking kaleidoscopes of stunning colors.


Photos of ISLS - Spanish Institute 3. Turrialba:

Turrialba is a typical Costa Rican pueblo of over 40,000 people in a mountain valley on the Atlantic Slope between the colonial capital Cartago and the Caribbean coast. The area surrounding the town is rural with verdant green mountains, river valleys, farms, coffee plantations and rainforest. The school itself is located just outside of town in the countryside on the 400-acre manicured grounds of the CATIE tropical research center next to the botanical gardens. The area is very Tico (Costa Rican) and few people speak any English, so it is very immersive.

Turrialba is very active both during the day and at night and is the center of the region's social life and its economy. There are many different restaurants, bars, discos, markets, shops, a movie theater and a nice Central Park. Even though many tourists pass through town to ride the rivers, there are not many foreigners living in the area. This makes for a very good environment for students wishing to practice their Spanish and be immersed in the culture.

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