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Accademia Riaci, Florence - Summer Courses:
Study art, design or culinary arts abroad in Italy this summer with Accademia Riaci! Located in the heart of the beautiful and historic city of Florence, Accademia Riaci is a leading art and design academy that provides short-term summer art courses, design courses, and culinary art programs. Course options include Painting, Fashion Design, Jewelry Making, Interior Design and Ceramics.

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Ranging in duration from 1 week to 12 weeks, our summer programs are intensive, allowing students with limited time to maximize their learning experience. Private lessons are also available. In addition, we offer a fully-inclusive summer program, which includes accommodation and cultural excursions.

Quality Summer Arts Programs:

Taught in English or Italian, our summer art, craft and deign courses are suitable for students of all levels of experience - from complete beginner to professional artists. You have the option to study our intensive art courses for 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks.

If you attend for 4 weeks or more, you may have the opportunity to earn college credit. Our Culinary Art - Italian Home Cooking summer program has an additional 3-week study option.

The teaching style of the Academy is unique: the student-teacher ratio (approximately 6 students per professor) is kept small to maintain the school's policy that values each students' originality and learning styles.

You will receive tailored, hands-on instruction and extensive career development. Training for effective presentation skills is also provided in order to develop each learning artist as a whole.

Intensive Summer Art Courses:

Photo of Educational Holiday Courses in Florence, Italy- Jewelry Design
- Painting
- Drawing
- Bag Making
- Shoe Design
- Interior Design
- Furniture Design
- Ceramics
- Fashion Design
- Fashion Marketing & Fashion Business
- Costume Making
- Restoration of Paintings
- Illustration
- Product Design
- Art History
- Graphic Design
- Photography
- Culinary Art - Italian Home Cooking (also available for 3 week study)
& more..

Fully-Inclusive Summer Program:
This program provides the opportunity to personalize your own course curriculum, selecting and exploring the study areas you prefer (1 or 2 majors per week).

You will also engage in guided art-visits, and cultural excursions in Florence and the Tuscany region. Study for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks.

Further Learning Options:
In addition to our summer courses, Accademia Riaci provides short-term spring courses in culinary arts or jewelry-making, year-round short courses (ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks), semester programs, 1-year courses, 2-year diploma program (taught in Italian only) and 1-year master courses.

Our Goal:

Image of Educational Holiday Courses in Florence, ItalyThe ultimate goal of education at Accademia Riaci focuses not only on the teaching of traditional techniques and styles, but aims to guide every student to develop their own artistic sensitivity.

Quality Faculty:
The academy's faculty are top artists of each field, united by the mission of inspiring next generation artists with unique tradition and artistic knowledge.

Students are encouraged to develop their creativity and refine their techniques, and expand their originality to lead the future. 

Professors encourage each student to inspire and develop each student's originality not only through their teaching, but also by helping them re-discover the “special something” about each learning artist.

History of Accademia Riaci:

Photos of Accademia Riaci, Florence - Summer CoursesUpon founding the studio in 1983, Maestro Raymond Riachi had a strong vision to create a school that not only taught his techniques, but enlightened young artists with the lively spirit and atmosphere of the Renaissance, in order to fulfill his life long mission as a Maestro.

This was how Accademia Riaci was founded: a treasure box of traditional art and its irreplaceable techniques.

Its teaching secretly contains techniques unknown to any other school, and the academy strives to nurture and develop the imagination and fantasy in each and every single student.

As a result, today, the Maestro's passionate mission passed on to the faculty has lit up students representing over 15 countries world wide, in more than 12 artistic fields and coming from various backgrounds, offering monthly, semestral, seasonal, and short summer programs taught by some of the best Italian artists in 3 different languages.

Student Accommodation:

Picture of Educational Holiday Courses in Florence, ItalyAccademia Riaci has several "Student Flats" (shared apartments) reserved for the academy's students.

They are located in either a walkable distance or within a 10 - 15 min bus ride away from the school campus, and may come with or without a host family.

Flats come with one or several rooms per apartment, and one room may be shared by students of the same sex, or reserve for a single student.

Student Testimonials:
"I came to the course not knowing anything about shoe design and shoe making and learnt so much from the teachers who were all highly experienced in their respective fields. Within a short period of time, I have been able to sketch, and make prototypes of my designs. The small groups also allow individual attention by the teachers. The design component, in particular, was extremely effective as it was a one on one lesson."
-  Mashizan, Singapore (Shoe Making short course)

"The teachers are excellent, very knowledgable, and very devoted. I had a great stay and learned a lot. My skills definitely grew and I will apply them in the future. I spent my free time in culture events in and around Florence."
-  Svenne, Netherlands (Bag Making short course)

"Mi sono trovata molto bene. L’insegnamento è stato veramente efficace e dettagliato nei minimi dettagli. Ora, grazie alle nuove conoscenze acquisite mi sento più sicura anche in ambito lavorativo, riuscendo a spiegare ai miei clienti in modo tecnico i prodotti in vendita. Tutto lo staff è davvero cordiale e gentile."
-  Francesca, Italy (Shoe Design short course)

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