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The Sagemont School:
The Sagemont School, located in Weston, South Florida, is a private upper school offering programs to students from grade 6 through 12. The Sagemont school is not a traditional boarding school and does not offer on-campus residential facilities. Instead, through our homestay program international students stay with a local American family for the school year.

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Homestay Program with an American Family:
Photo of High School Program for International Students in FloridaThe mission of The Sagemont School’s International Student Program is to promote educational and cultural awareness. Our international student program provides opportunities for students of diverse cultures to come together, share, and learn in a nurturing environment.

We believe these relationships strengthen the bonds of friendship throughout the world. Students spend an exciting school year living with a local family and studying at The Sagemont School!

Living with a homestay family offers the excitement of study abroad in the security of a family setting. You become be a part of another culture as your new family becomes an integral part of your life experiences.

Middle School Curriculum - Grades 6 through 9:

The middle school curriculum consists of 5 required core courses annually:
• English
• Math
• Science
• Social Science
• Writing

Elective courses include:
• Computer Science
• Journalism
• Foreign Language
• Music
• Art
• Physical Education

Middle school advanced courses are available for the above average student who can benefit by participating in classroom discussion and outside readings that require an understanding of concepts and in-depth mastery of subject matter. Preparing students for the demanding challenges of high school is our goal for middle school.

High School College Preparatory Curriculum - Grades 10 through 12:
TImage of High School Program for International Students in Floridahe high school college preparatory curriculum focuses on the Florida Department of Education state requirements for graduation.

Course offerings include:

• English
• Math
• Science
• Social Science
• Foreign Language
• Physical Education with the integration of Personal Fitness
• Performing art courses

A wide variety of elective choices are also available to promote future study in areas of interest at the college level.

High School Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) Courses:
High school honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are also available and are designed for the highly motivated high school student who feels they are capable of handling college level work.

These courses use college level materials and students enrolling in these courses should have attained above average grades in previous honors or AP courses. Due to the heavy workload, high school students selecting honors/AP classes must possess good organizational and time management skills, and be highly disciplined to be successful.

ESL Program:
We provide English as a Second Language (ESL) tuition for students needing English instruction.

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