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Keystone International Schools, Istanbul:
Keystone International Schools provides English & French language immersion programs for international students of expat families (other than Turkish nationals) in a holistic educational environment at two campuses on the East (Asian) side of Istanbul - in Kucuk Camlica and Dragos. This information is specifically for our early learning programs for young children of ages 3 to 5 years old who attend Day Care / Preschool and Kindergarten. KIS preschool and early learning programs were created in order to expose children to a different language from a young age. All students up to Grade 11 learn French as a second language. Children are immersed in French during playtime, lunchtime as well as class time.

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English & French Immersion for Toddlers / Preschoolers / Kindergarten
on the Asian side of Istanbul:
1) Kucuk Camlica in the Uskudar district
2) Dragos in the Kartal district

• KIS Preschool / Pre-K Program (for ages 3-4 years old)

Photo of English Daycare / International Preschool in IstanbulKIS Preschool was designed to expose children to various languages from their earliest years. Learning is encouraged through play in class and outdoors. A wide variety of resources are used to encourage children to participate and to be interested in their learning. Different teaching techniques like art and craft activities, songs and rhymes, story time, circle time free and organized playtime, and outdoor play; help children actively learn, explore, create, and grow into confident individuals.

Our full-day English preschool program offers teaching styles that include whole class, structured individual, small and large group activities, giving children a well-balanced preschool education.

KIS preschoolers are also eligible to participate in a French immersion program taught by native Francophone Aboriginal teachers. Students learn French by signing and playing. KIS students not only learn the language but take part in French celebrations and public holidays with group projects and presentations.

At KIS, our goal is to provide preschoolers with a level-headed program with the holistic approach that will begin to lay the building blocks for a lifetime of learning and interest in languages.

• KG Program
For children who are 5 years old.

Image of English Daycare / International Preschool in IstanbulThis is a preparatory class for KIS Primary School, and the focus in kindergarten is primarily on learning to read and write in English.

KG students learn through play, purposeful work, puppetry, narration, and other expressive arts and designs. The rewards of this play-based approach to school entry become apparent when children enter Grade 1, and start their school journey up through the years.

KIS students now have the opportunity to explore the worlds of literacy, numeracy and arithmancy. The KG program plans to achieve and acquire language competence, build rich vocabulary, and broaden knowledge by exposing students to carefully selected curriculum. KG curriculum allows students to analyze and observe their world, thus articulate their observations. Students develop lifelong capacities for creative thinking, self-confidence, reasoning and dialogue, awareness of others, and readiness and enthusiasm for academic learning.

• Kilittaşı Schools Preschool / Kindergarten Program:
For children of dual citizenship (Turkish and another) whose family lives in Turkey or who are moving back to Turkey. 
Subjects: French language, Music, Physical Education (PE). 

Kilittaşı Schools Preschool was created in order to expose children to a new language from a young age. This intensive French language immersion program is taught by native French speaking teachers, and Kilittaşı Schools preschoolers therefore learn French quickly by using it in every aspect of their day - including through songs, educational activities and fun play.

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Address: Mahallesi Gülhan Sk. No:1/1 PK: 34660, Kucuk Camlica, Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2024-05-01 were from:

Koca mustufapasha, Fatih, European side; Karachi, Pakistan; Kyrgyzstan; Mississauga, Canada; Istanbul /kartal; and more.