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NSL Mondial, Public High School Program in Eastern Ontario:
NSL Mondial is a leading, reliable source for introducing the best English language immersion experiences in Canada and the USA for international students (children and adults), and the directors of NSL Mondial have over 30 years of experience in language education worldwide. We now offer placements into public high schools in Eastern Ontario (primarily Ottawa) for international students (in grades 9 through 12) seeking quality secondary school education in Canada while simultaneously availing of the opportunity to develop their English language skills when immersed in academic credit courses.

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Public Secondary School Program in Ontario with ESL English language training:

Photo of Public High Schools in Ontario for International Students• The Ottawa public secondary schools provide instruction from grades 9 through 12 and offer courses of varying levels of difficulty designed to develop the student's English language skills while preparing the student for university, college or the workplace.

• NSL Mondial's partner schools offer high quality ESL (English as a second language) education as a credit course in high school. International students study English and take regular academic courses at the same time. Students take one English course per school semester, and each ESL course is worth one credit. Students can then substitute up to 3 ESL credits for the compulsory English credits. To graduate, students must pass Grade 12 English.

• Students who enter our public school system at the 11th or 12th grade level, and who plan to attend university or college in Canada will have to satisfy two separate English requirements;

- They must pass 12th grade English.
- They must also earn a designated score on a language proficiency test such as TOEFL, IELTS, or CAEL (Canadian Academic English Language Test) to be accepted into a full-time, undergraduate program at university or college.

• Six of our partner high schools offer ESL credit courses; some also offer special classes in core courses, such as science and geography, which have been adapted for international / non-native English-speaking learners.

Academic Requirement for Entry:
Image of Public High Schools in Ontario for International Students• B average (approximately 70%) in the student’s last 2 years of school
• Letter of Recommendation from a teacher or principal. 

English Ability for Entry: 
• High school students require the following levels of English ability before being admitted to the program and are strongly advised to study English before coming to Canada. Students with a low English level will likely need extra time to meet their academic goals: 

Grade 9: High Beginner
Grade 10: Intermediate
Grade 11: High Intermediate
Grade 12: Advanced

• Although there is no English-speaking requirement for elementary students, we recommend that students have some knowledge of English that includes reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Sports and Recreational Activities for Students:
Photos of NSL Mondial, Public High School Program in Eastern Ontario• The students are welcome to participate in competitive and non competitive sports,  including: badminton, basketball, baseball, golf, hockey, soccer, rugby, athletics, track and field, rowing, and volleyball.

• Students can also take part in a wide variety of fun clubs and educational activity groups such as music bands, chess, choir, computer studies, drama, homework clubs, photography, skiing & snowboarding, and the student council at their school.

Homestay Accommodation / Living with a Canadian family:

• NSL Mondial provides high school students with carefully selected, inspected host family accommodation.

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