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Spanish Immersion Courses in Salamanca, Spain

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Tía Tula, Colegio de Español - Salamanca:
Tía Tula is a modern center of Spanish teaching, located in Salamanca, Spain which offers an effective method of learning the Spanish language with the best qualified teachers in a warm and personalized atmosphere. We focus on our students. Our team of professionals are extremely committed to meeting your individual needs and to ensure you fully integrate into the Spanish language and culture. Our objective is not only to teach you how to dominate the language, but that you gain an understanding of our habits and traditions, our way of thinking and living.

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Photo of Spanish Immersion Courses in Salamanca, SpainSpanish General Courses:

Our Spanish courses are offered at 6 distinct levels: A1 (Beginner), A2 (Basic), B1 (Intermediate), B2 (Advanced), C1 (Superior) and C2 (Perfecting).

- Intensive Spanish Language Course
- Intensive Spanish Language Course + Conversation
- Intensive Spanish Language Course + Culture and Civilization
- DELE Exam Preparation
- Spanish for Business
- Formative Courses for Teachers of Spanish
- A-Level Spanish Exam Course
- Elective complementary courses on different aspects of Spanish language / culture.

Spanish Language Intensive Course

CI Curso Intensivo de Lengua Española
4 hours per day on grammar and communication exercises (spoken and written)

Spanish Language Intensive Course + Conversation
CICO Curso Intensivo de Lengua Española (CI) + Conversación
4 hours per day on Spanish grammar and communication exercises +
1 hour per day on Conversation

Spanish Language Intensive Course + Culture and Civilization
CICC Curso Intensivo de Lengua Española (CI) + Cultura y Civilización
4 hours per day on Spanish grammar and communication exercises +
1 hour per day on Spanish Culture and Civilization

It is important to mention that the Curso Intensivo de Lengua Española (CI), already includes conversation and, through the exercises, you will get to know Spanish culture and civilization. The other two options (CICC and CICO) further your knowledge of these topics.

These courses supplement the basis courses and follow up different aspects of spanish language or cultureImage of Spanish Immersion Courses in Salamanca, Spain. Students can choose them according to their necessities or interests:

- Spanish and Latin-American Literature
- Spanish and Latin-American Cinema
- Spanish History and Art
- Conversation
- Spanish for Business
- Composition
- Mixed: Conversation and Composition
- Theatre Workshop
- Gastronomy

Different levels again for each course: intermediate, advanced and superior.
Minimum required: 5 pupils.

Spanish for Business Course:
This course is designed for those professionals that want to use the Spanish language in their work, maybe because they need to communicate with countries that speak Spanish. It is designed as well for those who simply enjoy the Spanish applied to this knowledge area. At the end of the course the student could take the exam of the Chamber of Commerce in Madrid. As Tía Tula collaborates with the Chamber of Commerce, students can take the exam here at the school, in Salamanca: it is not necessary to travel to Madrid. The course is given completely in Spanish. To take it you need at minimum to be at the intermediate level (B2).

DELE Exam Preparation Courses:
The DELE Exam Preparation Courses are specialized in preparing for the official exams for the Institute Cervantes Diplomas in Spanish (DELE = Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera = Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language).

These courses consist of three parts:
- Grammar and writing
- Conversation (preparation for the oral exam)
- Timed practice exams from actual exams administered, the correction of those exams and the most frequent errors

Spanish Language Homestay - Immersion Program:
The accommodation is one of the most important parts of your stay. We have a team solely dedicated to finding the best families for our homestay programs, so our students will feel at home and will make their residence a part of their experience and learning.

Extracurricular activities:
These activities are a special section in Tía Tula studies program. Some of them are included on the course price and others have an additional charge which depends on the activity. They are classified into three fields:
Photos of Tía Tula, Colegio de Español - Salamanca
A guided tour of the city of Salamanca
Sightseeing trips to other cultural cities and to traditional and picturesque villages
Visits to museums and exhibitions
Colloquiums and conferences about current events in Spain
Weekly screenings of Spanish speaking movies
Talks on Literature, Cinema and other aspects of the Spanish and Latin-American culture

Latin dancing: salsa, flamenco, sevillanas, cumbia, merengue, tango...
Agreements with gyms to enrol for step aerobics, aerosalsa
Horse riding in the mountains of Salamanca
Get together to practice sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis...
Adventure Sundays: outdoors activities in the countryside including walking, hiking, skiing, rafting, abseiling...

Welcome and farewell parties
Countryside outings for barbecues and Spanish cuisine competitions
Tours of Salamanca's tapas bars accompanied by teachers and other members of the staff who also go with the students to the films, concerts, plays...
Paintball adventures in the countryside
Visits to wine cellars to enjoy a typical merienda

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Address: Rúa Mayor, 43-47, Salamanca, Spain
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